Question about edge connector types

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    • Question about edge connector types

      I am having a personal problem with edge connectors. And I'm suspecting that its because no one has ever sat me down and had that father son talk about connector types. So let me start off with what I know.

      The most obvious is if you see this you are looking at jamma

      If you see this you are looking at 8 liner

      If you made one of these in your spare time, you either have a bootleg ms pacman or a mental disorder:

      But then! ebay happened... and I bought a "Lot" of "poker boards" 6 of which were 8 liners. But 2 of them had this edge connector that I have never seen before:

      I have been googling "poker board pinout" and other combos to no avail.

      Is this a specific "type" of connector that I can find a pinout diagram for? Or would I have to find the specific service manual for this board? (which has been impossible, it has no Identifying marks or serial numbers) I have 2 of these boards pictured below. I don't really have much hope either of them work. The one on the left looks like its missing too many IC's to possibly work. The one on the right is in rough shape, but I figured what the hell, I could rig up wires for the video and the power and see if the thing wakes up, only I can't find a pinout for it.

      So THAT is what got me thinking about edge connectors in general. I poked around klov and Bob Roberts but I have yet to find any comprehensive "list of edge connector types" there has to be one out there somewhere. Flying blind on this one, any help anyone can offer greatly appreciated!
    • deep6 wrote:

      I have yet to find any comprehensive "list of edge connector types" there has to be one out there somewhere.
      This is probably as close as you're going to get to a list:

      The problem is before JAMMA each company had their own layout, and it often changed every few games. So for any given connector it could support anywhere from 1 to 20 games.

      Your best bet is to try to track down a manual or the manual for the game, failing that a manual for another game made by the same company during that era.

      failing that you would have to work out which pins do what, by following the traces on each pin of the edge connector, power pins are usually easy to identify from their fat traces and routing directly to the power pins of the various chips. Then sound pins will be routed to the amp, inputs are usually passed through some pull up resistors, and video
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