Culmination of Lindbergh Questions (JVS I/O, Security Keys)

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    • Culmination of Lindbergh Questions (JVS I/O, Security Keys)

      Hi everyone, while developing OpenJVS + a Lindbergh Multi I've thought of a few questions that people on here might know the answer to and thought I'd post them in one thread. The questions are mostly about the I/Os.

      1. Is the Type 1 or Type 3 I/O compatible with all Lindbergh games, to the point where they will boot? I'm trying to run all the Lindbergh games with OpenJVS but some give me a 'I/O does not fulfill the game spec' error, even though I know it does. I'm running without the correct security key, so I want to make sure that it's not related to that by buying a known working I/O and seeing if I get the same error.

      2. Does anyone with a Multi know which games will work without a security key, and what error games give when you don't have it in? I've got a HOTD4 security key currently in the Lindbergh, and most games run except for Afterburner, Ghost Squad and Initial D.

      3. Has anyone ever got all the games to run properly from an SSD natively on the SATA port? Some games work fine, however others either won't boot or play really slowly, and I'm assuming there is some Kernel issue with SSDs?

      * As a disclaimer: the multi that I'm working on is for personal use, and so I'm not going to publicly release it / tread on anyone else's toes who make multis *
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