Saturn to Neo-Geo - DIY controller adapters

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    • Saturn to Neo-Geo - DIY controller adapters

      Saturn to DB15 adapters; possibly coming soon...

      Waiting on the microcontrollers to arrive, will then flash the code and test. Code courtesy of @twistedsymphony, based upon a project he created years ago.

      Naturally supports the dpad directional movements, all 6 face buttons, L shoulder button mapped to COIN - R shoulder button mapped to START. DB15 follows Undamned pinout.

      Saturn connectors need to be harvested from controller extension cables. Rest is pretty straight forward. A female angled DB15, 20 pin dip socket and 100nF poly capacitor.

      Resources provided for free, for people to construct their own adapters.

    • Frank_fjs wrote:

      Code courtesy of @twistedsymphony, based upon a project he created years ago.
      quick back story for anyone that's interested:
      I used to be a head moderator on Xbox-Scene during the Xbox modding heydays. There were a lot of people gutting Saturn controllers to use on the Xbox 360 since the Xbox 360's d-pad sucked. I kept telling people they could just as easily pad-hack a 360 controller to a Saturn controller port and wouldn't need to hack up both a 360 controller and a Saturn controller. They kept telling me I was wrong so I built one just to prove it could be done. it ended up getting a lot of attention online and i had a dozen or so gaming websites cover the project and got a 2-page magazine article/interview in the October 2006 issue of Official Xbox 360 Magazine.

      The code works well and was built for speed (though I've never lag tested it) and the project never made it beyond the bread board because I mostly did it just to prove a point. I think I still have the original bread board in a box somewhere. This was before you could get fight stick boards otherwise that would have made a much better platform over pad hacking. Also, this was back before they had the "common ground" style 360 controllers too, so I had to implement some other stuff to properly interface with the button matrix on the 360 controllers, which was arguably more challenging than the Saturn signal decoding.

      In any case, It is nice to see that 13 years later that project still has some benefits to the community :)
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    • PICs delivered today. Flashed one and tested, works perfectly!

      Thanks @twistedsymphony

      P.s. I wasn't doubting your code, just wanted to ensure my PCB was routed correctly.

      Saturn to Neo adapters are go!

      Only thing I may do is add a slot to the underside of PCB, for the lip of the Saturn connector to sink into. Will add reinforcement. At the moment the lip sits on the edge of the PCB, which means it won't move back when a controller is inserted, but pulling out a controller means pressure is put on the pins unless you grip and support the connector.

      After that a 3D or plexi lid will need to be developed to secure the Saturn connector down.