SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

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    • SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

      @Arthrimus has taken the SEGA Saturn to NEO-GEO adapters to another level, another 10 levels in fact.

      Please visit the following link for further information.

      Features of this adapter are as follows:
      • Button remapping.
      • COIN may be mapped in various ways. It's accessible via a button combo of any 3 x face buttons + START or alternatively may also be mapped to L + R + START / L button / R button.
      • Adjustable rates of autofire.
      • Status LED to indicate when in button mapping / autofire mode.

      I have compiled ZIP file with all the relevant information and resources to build yourself one of these fantastic adapters. Within the ZIP file you will find:
      • EasyEDA source files for all PCB's:
        • The MAIN adapter PCB.
        • A LID PCB to secure the Saturn connector to the main adapter PCB.
        • A QPB (Quick Programming Board) PCB to assist in connectivity of the soldered surface mount Atmega chip of the MAIN adapter PCB to your programmer.
      • Gerbers for all PCBs.
      • A build of materials (BOM) for all components. The only items not listed which you'll need to source yourself are the Saturn connectors which can be harvested from a Saturn controller extension cable (check Aliexpress / eBay / Amazon etc) and the mounting hardware for the LID PCB. You'll need 2 x M2 x 9mm long FEMALE to FEMALE standoffs, 4 x M2 screws of 5mm length, and 4 x M2 nylon washers. There are different types of Saturn connectors found within the extension cables, they differ in height slightly so use the washers to space things out if need be.
      • A CODE folder with the Aurduino INO file, a compiled HEX file and a README text file with programming values for the low fuse byte.

      Hidden within the SPOILER below is the original and wonderful design by @twistedsymphony which is now obsolete and has been superseded by the generous work of @Arthrimus

      It is being kept here for the sake of posterity.

      Display Spoiler

      Here are the necessary resources to make your own SAT2NEO contoller adapters.

      PCB Design: @Frank_fjs
      Code: @twistedsymphony

      • Gerber-SAT2NEO-PCB (39.2mm x 42mm)
      • Gerber-SAT2NEO-LID (39.2mm x 12mm)
      • SAT2NEO-HEX file
      • PIC16F690
      • DB15 female right angled connector
      • Saturn controller connector, female, harvested from Saturn controller extension cable
      • 100nF poly capacitor
      • 3 x DPDT slide switches:…35dfe&transAbTest=ae803_5
      • 20 pin 0.3" dip socket (optional)
      • 2 x M2 x 9mm high female to female standoffs
      • 4 x M2 x 5mm screws
      • Suitable programmer to flash the code
      The Saturn controller extension cable plug is easily popped open with a small flathead screwdriver.

      Desolder the wires leading to the pins of the connector.

      Bend the pins at a 90 degree angle, towards the bottom lip.

      Insert and solder to PCB.

      The Saturn connector has a lip on the bottom of it which sinks into the cutout of the PCB. This prevents horizontal movement.
      The LID PCB secures the connector down and prevents vertical movement.
      The above two measures ensure a securely mounted connector and an elegant appearance.

      The inputs are mapped as:

      UP - UP
      DOWN - DOWN
      LEFT - LEFT

      A - B1
      B - B2
      C - B3
      X - B4
      Y - B5
      Z - B6

      L - COIN
      R - START


      The six face buttons, ABCXYZ, can be remapped via the 3 x slide switches.

      Switch 3 alternates mapping between arcade inputs 1 and 4 to Saturn buttons A and X
      Switch 2 alternates mapping between arcade inputs 2 and 5 to Saturn buttons B and Y
      Switch 1 alternates mapping between arcade inputs 3 and 6 to Saturn buttons C and Z

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    • Test PCBs arrived. I made a small oversight and will need to redesign. I didn't account for the connector not being flush on the bottom.

      The PCBs can still be used, make two cuts using the silkscreen line as a guide and remove a small strip of PCB:

      Meaning the connector will sit as desired:

      It looks something like this when finished:

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    • These are the rev 1.2 PCBs as attached in opening post.

      Connector fitment is spot on. Nice and secure and the top lid guarantees it will handle any amount of strain.

      The final revision, which I'll upload soon, has fancier silkscreening with the proper SEGA Saturn logo and switches to allow for button remapping between the bottom & top row of buttons.
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    • This is the current progress of what will be the final revision.

      I'm transitioning over to new PCB software thus the difference in output.

      The 3 x switches remap the buttons as follows:

      Switch 3: Toggles buttons A and X
      Switch 2: Toggles buttons B and Y
      Switch 1: Toggles buttons C and Z

      With this setup you can have:

      Arcade inputs 123 mapped to Saturn buttons ABC / 456 to XYZ
      Arcade inputs 123 mapped to Saturn buttons XYZ / 456 to ABC
      Any desired combination between the top and bottom row of buttons.

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    • OK, let me ask around and see if people in the US really want these.

      First, anyone in this thread? I'll be in Australia for 2 weeks, then I'll come back to the US and mail them immediately.

      Shipping FROM Australia to the US is crazy, but from US to US, I bet I can get them in a small priority mail envelope for $7 USD, or even cheaper if you want to wait for First Class mail.

      I'm open to bringing as many as Frank can make, but I would want money up front (if Frank wants the money up front, which I assume he does).

      Post here or PM me.

      Frank I'll also ask my friends who have shown interest.

      What are we talking cost for say, 10 of them?
    • I can ship 2 x units in a padded envelope, economy airmail, for the cost of envelope plus $7.50 AU postage - pretty much worldwide.

      Larger quantities up to 500g is approx $16 AU, or $24 if you want tracking.

      Doesn't seem that expensive. I paid $15 US for 10 x Infinikeys which are tiny and light and shipped in an envelope!
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