SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

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    • SEGA Saturn to Neo-Geo controller adapters

      Here are the necessary resources to make your own SAT2NEO contoller adapters.

      PCB Design: @Frank_fjs
      Code: @twistedsymphony

      • SAT2NEO PCB (39.2mm x 42mm)
      • SAT2NEO_LID PCB (39.2mm x 12mm)
      • DB15 female right angled connector
      • Saturn controller connector, female, harvested from Saturn controller extension cable
      • 100nF poly capacitor
      • PIC16F690
      • 20 pin 0.3" dip socket (optional)
      • 2 x M2 X 9mm high female to female standoffs
      • 4 x M2 X 5mm screws
      • SAT2NEO.HEX file
      • Suitable programmer to flash the code
      The Saturn controller extension cable plug is easily popped open with a small flathead screwdriver.

      Desolder the wires leading to the pins of the connector.

      Bend the pins at a 90 degree angle, towards the bottom lip.

      Insert and solder to PCB.

      The Saturn connector has a lip on the bottom of it which sinks into the cutout of the PCB. This prevents horizontal movement.
      The LID PCB secures the connector down and prevents vertical movement.
      The above two measures ensure a securely mounted connector and an elegant appearance.

      The inputs are mapped as:

      UP - UP
      DOWN - DOWN
      LEFT - LEFT

      A - B1
      B - B2
      C - B3
      X - B4
      Y - B5
      Z - B6

      L - COIN
      R - START



        (267 Byte, downloaded 21 times, last: )

        (6.53 kB, downloaded 21 times, last: )

        (13.68 kB, downloaded 10 times, last: )

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    • Test PCBs arrived. I made a small oversight and will need to redesign. I didn't account for the connector not being flush on the bottom.

      The PCBs can still be used, make two cuts using the silkscreen line as a guide and remove a small strip of PCB:

      Meaning the connector will sit as desired:

      It looks something like this when finished:

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