CPS-3 Help - First Time Owner...

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    • CPS-3 Help - First Time Owner...

      Hi All!

      So I bought a CPS-3 with SuperBIOS already installed, and tested it on a friends Windy ATP-300, and was able to flash a game and play on it for a while.

      I bought my own ATP-300, and whenever I attempt to boot, I’m getting either a reddish brown screen or black screen with some flickering.

      I’ve attempted the following:
      - Reseated the JAMMA harness
      - Reseated the Cartridge
      - Cleaned the contacts on the cartridge

      I’ve not yet opened the cartridge to attempt reflowing the solder, but I’m wondering if there is something obvious I’m missing.

      Any tips?
    • What power supply are you using with your supergun? Do you have a multimeter? The game needs 5 volts of power coming in on the jamma edge. You’d set your multimeter to DC and put black on pins 1 or 2 and red on pins 3 or 4. Assuming you have an arcade power supply you’d then adjust the power so you’re seeing near 5.0v on your multimeter. I target like 5.05 since there’s a small drop off from the edge to the chips, but hey.

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    • tronswanson wrote:

      Voltage is coming in at 5.09, thanks for the info!

      Still no game.

      EDIT: I found some info on how to test this and determined at the Jamma edge with the load connected, power is coming in at 4.93-4.96. Contacted super gun manufacturer for info on if I should adjust or send it back.

      I used to have a Windy ATP-300, but mine only worked with PGM and some of my CPS2 boards. Played all my MVS titles ok.
      It does not perform well for power hungry boards.
      It almost never gave more than 4,93 V on load/startup ( measured from the jamma edge of the actual board) so a lot of boards would not boot correctly.
      Original Progear for CPS2 would reboot after the first level. CPS3 board with SCSI drive hooked up, would not start at all.

      The PSU inside mine was kind of crappy. Not possible to adjust the 5V and no -5v so it would not work with Midway PCB like MK2 MK3 etc.

      I gutted mine and installed a proper Mean Well Arcade PSU. Kept the fan and power button and made a ‘’child proof’’ PSU for use with a proper Supergun.
      I can highly recommend the HAS by RBG.
      Works great with everything and much better picture and sound quality than the ATP-300 ever gave me.
    • I'm curious how/why people keep buying that SuperGun when we read about all the problems they have.

      We need to get the word out about the amazing SGs available from these very forums...

      That being said, can you test another game? Can you re-test your game on your friends SG? Can you test another game (less power hungry if possible) on his, then on yours?

      There could be many different problems, but my guess out of the blue would be the SG itself, it seems to be designed, with issues.
    • 1) The Windy Gaming ATP-300 is the only supergun (as far as I know) that is readily available for purchase and immediate shipping.
      2) It has its own website/webstore
      3) Its very cut and dry with a clean enclosure and simple set up. This is a plus for beginners.
      4) Competitive 3rd strike players need easy, quick supergun set ups and usually aren't experts with arcade parts

      Granted, I am getting a HAS, but a lot of guys on this forum seem to assume that all consumers are seasoned enthusiasts with extensive knowledge on this hobby

      If I knew about the HAS 4 months ago, I may have got on board for it, but honestly I may also have just pulled the trigger on the ATP-300 because its available immediately

      Unless you're on this forum and stumble upon the HAS thread, you'll never know about it, and having to wait months and months for something is frustrating

      I'm not trying to defend one or the other, but when you get an arcade board and are looking for a supergun, most people are going to want to play it IMMEDIATELY
    • So got to test out the ATP-300 on my friends unmodded CPS-3, everything worked find.

      My board still didn't work with his gun, but when we swapped his cart for mine, we at least got output.

      These are my next questions:
      1) Is it possible my Darksoft Cart is bad/needs maintenance?
      2) Is it possible to send it somewhere to have it tested?

      I'm just glad that it doesn't appear that the board is bricked.

      Any other advice would be appreciated!

      Thank you everyone for your help.
    • Could you be a little more detailed with your a/b test?

      If you swap his security cart and cd onto your motherboard, it should work 100% not just “get output”. That would rule out your motherboard.

      Similarly if you swap your superbios cart and cd onto his board, you’d be able to see if the superbios cart is fine.

      It’s also worth testing your supergun with his motherboard and cart to rule that out.

      There’s no “modded cps3” really, so I didn’t understand that.
      multis: cps* ttx2 gnet f3 mvs sega st-v/16b/24/c2/naomi(netboot) sys2x6 m72
      cabs: sega blast city x2 | taito vewlix c + egret ii
      links: klov/vaps games list | custom fight sticks
      projects: test bench
    • So now I got a repro cart and things are actually kind of working, but now I get stuck on the super bios region select screen.

      Do I have the wrong media version to go with the super bios cart or another issue?

      Edit - Figured it out. Thanks for everyone who has helped out with my issues....this has been both a stressful and exciting experience!

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