Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

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      Update time !

      mostly everyone has been contacted about labels and stuff.
      if not please send me a PM

      I'm currently working those labels, was doing so yesterday while watching @psykom1 's stream :) hehe (thanks for showing my tetris case :D)
      very nice to watch ! i'll surely come by from time to time :)

      Ok , whats new !
      i post a picture with new little changes.

      -new air vent : because i know that some B-board may have more chips in that section... i can't really know if it will heat or not so prefer to not take any chances...
      and besides, it won't hurt to have a little more.

      -Volume hole has been better centered. It should be *mostly* centered but i can't make a new model, but based on mine it should not be far from perfect.

      -Added one more insert for front panel...because it looked weird. having 3 and one side without one. it will also be more solid.

      -Made the connectors holes on front panel bigger... i not sure if you guys need more space for unplugging connectors for players3-4..
      i was think they were a little too close so i decided to get the hole a little more bigger just in case.

      -Stickers (green line) will be a smaller (just a little) to fit with new hole and will have round edge.

      -Screws on both front and side panel will be changed to round head (ill try to get black ones) since i can't get any from a shortage from my supplier.
      I guess it will look better...having counter sunk was making holes bigger and it was reaching the labels... i think it will look better.

      Price will be 120us with a -5usd reduction for making order up to the requested amount i asked !
      (i really tryed to get a better price by making some stuff by hand myself....but syndical laws binded me to make me pay for every little stuff ¬_¬ because of that i will even have to change my previous price announced on other cases...BUT @Derick2k and @Loki will get the previous announced price for asterix case wich is 100usd -5usd (95usd), don't worry guys :) )

      i will PM you everybody when i'm ready to collect money :) (friday most probably)
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      8o My Arcade collection - I'm having fun creating aluminum cases, if you're interested to look at them or have one, drop in have a look !