My simple supergun setup

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    • My simple supergun setup

      Hi! after testing with different arcade pcbs and CRT TV sets I'm very pleased with this setup so I'd like to share how I configured it.

      I'm using these components:

      - Corcom 6EQ1 EMI filter
      - Ferrite bead (I plan to include more on the DC output)
      - Recapped Suzo 42PP0606 (MWP-606)
      - KEL connector
      - 18 awg for power cables and 22 awg for the other wires

      Setting the PSU at 5.05V in the DC output I get proper voltage (>4.98V and <5.05V) at the jamma edge of all monster boards and smallest ones like the MV1B I have tested.

      I use a THS7374 RGB Amp for impedance matching configured this way, and setting csync pot to get 800-1200mV (never more than 2V) at pin 11 of the THS7374:

      For audio I directly connect two 4ohm speakers connected in series, this is the easier way and I really like how it sounds, specially in boards with the HA13001 amplifier.

      For controls I have modified a broken saturn controller removing the IC and soldering the cables (Kynar 30AWG). I use DB15 connectors and a pair of 3 pin molex in order to change the place of the buttons when using a kick harness.

      Since I want a second controller and don't want to modify a working saturn controller I have an eye into this:…-geo-controller-adapters/

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    • @KOarcade Check out Astrodyne manufacturer, they offer very interesting line filters for a decent price. 3A rating is probably more than enough for a similar setup.

      @jassin000 it's maybe my favorite too, I love how the HA13001 sounds compared to the Toshiba amplifier in other models. MVS 2 slots is very nice too! more robust and easier to repair.

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