Consolized Taito Type X

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    • Consolized Taito Type X

      Here's my latest project! Just finished up, and completed in record time (just over 6 months! Don't ask!).

      I initially picked up the TTX unit for parts (classic 'does not rise' google translation), planning to use the JVS I/O in a TTX2 build.
      Just for fun I booted it up and made it to the Bios screen, so that was much further than I expected.

      Once cleaned up and with a new PSU I had everything booting reliably... and thanks to @Niko & @rtw in the TTX multi thread I had all the games too :thumbup:
      Up next... Taito Type X Upgrades. So now we're up to a P4 3GHz CPU, 2GB Ram, 9600Pro 256 graphics card and SSD, all for very little money and a little time on eBay.

      As I am not the proud owner of any actual arcade units I opted to squeeze in a Sega 838-13683-93 JVS Jamma I/O with some standard DB15 controller ports.
      Incidentally, DVI and DB15 ports are almost the exact same dimensions, and S-video cutouts are the perfect size for a 12mm service button.

      Finally I smartened up the TTX top plate with a coat of spray paint (by far the most frustrating part of the process) and topped that with a reproduction metal game cover by @hursit.
      Colours inspired by the TTX Zero and TTX2 trade show prototypes <3 (Matt clear coat for the case top, Gloss clear coat for the hdd cover).

      Finishing touches? Just a vertically mounted LCD screen for the shooters :thumbsup: Thanks for looking!
    • Thanks I appreciate the kind words!

      samplehunters wrote:

      I noticed you used a dual slot PCI bracket for your DB15 controller ports, was that on purpose or did you not have a single slot bracket on hand?
      I started with a single slot bracket, but it was too flexible. The dual slot is secured with two screws and is much more rigid when plugging in controllers.

      suverman wrote:

      Sexy, I had a similar idea for normal arcade games, have two towers like x68k, mount the PCB I play reg in on, in the other tower put in the supergun, clean controller ports and link it using Frank's cables, I might take a lot of inspiration from this build ;D
      Love the look of the X68000 towers! Sounds great!

      Darksoft wrote:

      Nice consolization!
      Honoured :thumbsup:

      PascalP wrote:

      Wow, nice job on this!
      One of the few projects I actually feel is complete. Thanks!