Pinned F3-Multi ROMset generator

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    • F3-Multi ROMset generator

      After creating the CPS2-Multi ROM generator I wanted to do the same for the TAITO F3.
      Based on my earlier experience with the CPS2 I thought it would be a quick
      job. I could not have been more wrong

      The main issue is the way the Ensoniq banks are handled. TAITO actually used
      different PALs to avoid people converting games. Even though the loading order
      in MAME is given this does not mean you can apply it directly to the real hardware.

      I would like to thank Darksoft especially for describing in minute detail how
      the loading of the Ensoniq banks is done in the multi

      Please note this generator creates ROM sets from the MAME library.
      There are no patches applied at all except in three cases:

      . Bubble Memories EXTRA version.
      . scfinalso (Will not start unless magic value is present in EEPROM)
      . dariusgx and dariusgx, fixed missing background on Zone D

      Asure and Darksoft have both generously allowed me to implement their patches in my code!

      Out of all the games 2 do not work:

      . scfinals requires a protection fix.
      . Kirameki Star Road does not work. TAITO stepped up
      their protection here and added some extra protection
      Feel free to fix this and I will add it to the next version.


      . All sets from MAME 209 work except the 2 games noted above.
      . All regions in MAME and a few extras supported
      . Extra regions added like Cleopatra (O), Darius Gaiden Extra (O), Puzzle Bobble 2X (O)
      . Bubble Bobble 2 Prototype works
      . Puzzle Bobble 2 V2.3O works
      . Default FLASH fill value is 0xff so it FLASHes faster


      . Asure, for allowing me to use his patches
      . Darksoft, for answering all my questions on Ensoniq banking
      . rtw, all coding
      . undamned, for all the wonderful pictures of F3 hardware so I could work out the mapping.


      MAME ROM SET 0209
      Fixed: dankuga, gblchmp, gblchmpp, kaiserkn, kaiserknj
      Added: hthero95a, landmakrj, bubblemu

      Initial release, MAME ROM SET 0191

      The future of ST-V rests upon our work and your work

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    • If you have your MAME setup working just put the f364.exe executable into the same directory as the MAME executable and do this:

      D:\mame>f364.exe twinqix
      F3-Multi ROMset generator (Jan 27 2018/16:08:04)
      coding : rtw
      credits : Asure, Darksoft and undamned
      game : twinqix
      directory: f3\games\twinqix
      @maincpu : size: 0x200000
      ROM: mpr0-3.b60, 0x40000
      ROM: mpr0-2.b61, 0x40000
      ROM: mpr0-1.b62, 0x40000
      ROM: mpr0-0.b63, 0x40000
      num ROMs : 4
      size ROMs: 1048576
      writing file: flash.12
      writing file: flash.13
      @gfx1 : size: 0x200000, blksize: 0x80000
      writing file: flash.01 (0x80000)
      writing file: flash.03 (0x80000)
      writing file: flash.05 (0x80000)
      file: .\f3\games\twinqix\flash.05 is empty, deleting
      @gfx2 : size: 0x400000, blksize: 0x100000
      writing file: flash.07 (0x100000)
      writing file: flash.08 (0x100000)
      writing file: flash.09 (0x100000)
      @audiocpu: size: 0x180000
      writing file: flash.14 (0x80000)
      @ensoniq : size: 0x400000
      ROM: snd-0.b43, 0x80000
      ROM: snd-1.b44, 0x80000
      ROM: snd-14.b10, 0x80000
      ROM: snd-15.b11, 0x80000
      num ROMs : 4
      type: MAP_MIGHTA
      writing file: flash.11
      writing file: flash.10
      writing file: name

      This will greate a subdirectory called: f3 where all the generated romsets will be placed.
      The future of ST-V rests upon our work and your work