Lindbergh General FAQ (PSU, Graphic Card, Multi)

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    • Lindbergh General FAQ (PSU, Graphic Card, Multi)

      Hi guys,
      It's my first Lindbergh Hardware and 'ive tryed to gather as much information i could for it, can you confirm the following (otherwise, correct me):

      PSU: You can use any pc based PSU, 500W best. There's no need to use both molex connector, the one provided with any psu is fine.
      G.Card: You can swap the cards with mostly nvidia 7800GS but you gotta have a multikit installed in order to be reconized properly (whats the list for these? i don't know how they are called)
      Multi: You need CF Card, Sec PIC and HDD. CF card will store the multi program, PIC decrypt, HDD will store the games in the main location.

      Thanks for you help!
    • PSU: Correct any ATX PSU will work.
      Graphics Card: The Darksoft multi does not support unofficial graphics cards, the JayRayFox/Android/Jakulous based multi does support unofficial graphics cards however there is no definitive list and its a case of trying one and seeing if it works.
      Multi: Correct. Although there is no decryption going on as the games are already decrypted on the HDD, the PIC is just there to reply to the game when it checks its there!
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