Taito G-NET flash problems "CanNotFindProgramRom. Error B930" *(updated with motherboard jumpers!)

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    • OOOOOOOOOOOhhh I am such a blind man!!!! jesus... I got the chip from MoppelTheWhale today and it worked straight away..... :D

      So I thought I try my programmer and READ the chip and compare with my own.... well, it reads correct BUT.

      The file is split in 2 parts because of my programmer adapter, and strangely the new READ first part matches... MY SECOND! (and vice versa)

      Now you may think, "hey didnt bytestorm RTFM?".. actually I didnt.. because as far as I know the first part is to be programmed with A18 low, and second part with A18 high on my 27C800 to be able to use 2x 27C4096 passes...
      BUT THIS ADAPTER IS OPPOSITE D: (yeah I finally checked the online manual...)

      this should be illegal! Since when do you program the highest memory areas with the highest adress bit LOW?

      Thousand thanks to MoppelTheWhale! :D you will have your chip back soon man!

      the adapter has bit 1 as A18, 2 as A19, and 3 as A20 on my adapter in the silkscreen
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