Lindbergh Repair (Black Screen, no boot)

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    • Lindbergh Repair (Black Screen, no boot)

      Do any of you have some experience with repairing these?
      My lindbergh is just not booting up, all the fans are spinning but i cannot see screen came up (not even wake up the standy by).
      I had few old pc stocks and i was able to confirm CPU, Ram, HDD to be working. This unit have a multikit installed but i don't know wich one.
      I tryed the 7800GS on another computer and i got the same result, but i'm not sure its due to bios or compatibility.
      On the JVS board, sometimes the led remains Orange, other time changes to Blinking Green, complitely random when i turn it on.
      I cleaned any contact with electronic cleaner, i have also put new heat paste on cpu and on Graphic card.
      Any suggestions?
    • Sounds to me like the 7800GS might be broken if nothing else displays on another computer. Have you tried both the VGA and DVI-D output of the card?

      Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the graphics card only gets checked later on in the boot up process when the segaboot executable starts. You should be able to put any graphics card in there, and should be able to see a white screen on boot up at least before it errors out in some way.

      Another thing to try if you haven't already is resetting the CMOS by moving the jumper next to the CMOS battery to the reset position, turning on the computer and then moving it back.

      Again correct me if I'm wrong, but this system is a computer with a PCI card and some linux software. It is in no way actually different to a normal computer, and although the BIOS has certain HDD and BIOS passwords, it is not running any custom code that would stop a graphics card working.
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    • Thanks for your thoughts!
      Yes, i tryed both VGA and DVI but no change. I was thinking about the 7800 because i get the same result in other computer, as long as this is compatible with standard pc's, i must suppose the problem relies in that..
      unfortunatly i do not have any other compatible video cards so i can at least figure out if is booting or not. I have a Houseofthedead 4 machine but i'm not intended to mess with that for the price that i've payed for, i'll probably try to find another 7800 and see how that goes...
      I think i have tryed the cmos reset, i'll try again just to be sure i did that aswell.
      I know that there are 2 versions, one linux based and another one is windows based. This one i have is a Blue version, inside the hotd4 cabited is the yellow one.
      Maybe i also should try to full recap the video card and also try to reflow it, it's probably dead so i'll give it a shot
    • Try to start also without the JVS card ...
      I found that a disrespectful card sometimes caused random starts.

      In case of problems I now test my lindbergh without sound card and JVS, without the battery bios and in clear cmos.
      I advise you to buy a 7600GS PC card for your test, for less than 20 €.
      Otherwise I can sell you for 20 € an official 6800GT, obviously tested, to rule out the graphic card problem ...

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