Is it possible to Un-Multikit a Lindbergh Multikit/Multigame system?

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    • Is it possible to Un-Multikit a Lindbergh Multikit/Multigame system?

      Just a curious question, If I receive a Lindbergh system with a Multikit/Multigame installed, Is there any way to restore it to just running one game again?

      From what I understand the MultiKits use some sort of custom image on the CF card so I would imagine that the CF card would need to be imaged with a stock file system, Would that image be available anywhere? Could the multikit hard drive be swapped with any ide hard drive or is the hard drive locked to the motherboard or something?
    • On topic... I have the original hard drive, CF and security chip from my Lindbergh yellow (Sangokushi Taisen 3: War Begins)... would these be of value to anyone?
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    • Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      I can get you a single game kit probably. What game do you want?
      Is the cf card image different depending on the game or is there a general cf card image that works with any game installed on the hdd?

      How is the image on the CF card for the multikit different from one for a single game kit?

      Also in Lukemorse1's video when he first gets his Lindbergh with Starhorse2, it has a cf card instead of a hard drive, is that game just so small that a hard drive wasn't needed?

      Are the hard drives locked to the pic security chip or are they locked to the motherboard of the Lindbergh.

      Just really curious on how the system functions, From what I understand the cf card contains the Monovista Linux image and the hard drive contains the game data and the security pic unlocks the contents of the drive (maybe?).

      Is the pic chip for a multi kit like a Naomi zero key where it just works with any game? Are the hard drive contents of a multikit hacked in a way that they are not requiring decryption from the pic chip?

      I have a game disc and key for virtua fighter 5 and just was wondering what would be needed to get the system to just run that 1 game instead of the multikit data.
    • So the multikits have a specific CF card and PIC. The CF card is locked so it can't be read and duplicated. Same with the PIC. The multikits were designed to be sold so the PIC is not interchangeable.

      Now with a normal lindbergh game the PIC is the most important part. Most games can just be updated by installing a USB DVD drive with the game DVD and PIC installed. The system will detect a new game and write it the necessary files to the CF card and HDD. As for using a HDD or not I'm not sure about all games. I know it is possible to fit entire games on the CF card. I've seen a kit for Outrun 2 that does not use a HDD at all. And yes the data on the CF card is different for every game. It's part of the security.

      I'm pretty sure there is no zero key for Lindergh. I've never seen one.

      In order to run Virtua Fighter 4 you should just need a USB drive and the DVD. I'm not sure if it will work to overwrite the multi CF card or not. But I wouldn't do that anyways. Once it's overwritten you can't program the multi data back.
    • Interesting information, I do not have my Lindbergh Multikit system yet, Just ordered it last week so it may be some time before I have it. I am more or less just trying to get a general grasp on how the system works.

      Information you provided above makes me wonder, Does the system boot to the SD card and then run the game or does the firmware on the motherboard boot and then load both?

      Question here being, If you installed a blank SD card, and the pic for a game as well as the disc in a dvd drive, Would the system just error out since the card is blank or would the system see the new pic and more or less create the proper files on the card thus "flashing" it to make it work?

      If such a thing would not work, how to people even create the operating system cf card in the first place, if multikits are made there must be a method other then what Sega would do.

      Also, I have read that installing a new game will update firmware (guessing on the board) and other files, Will installing an old game still work after (like older software works when windows is updated) or will only newer games work once certain files are updated (like upgrading to VF5FS and then wanting to go back to Vanilla VF5)?

      Another question, You mentioned you have Outrun 2 on an SD card, any clue if some games will not install on a cf card? Does the cf card to ide board the system uses (like the one seen in Luke's video) have to be an official Sega one (kinda like CF cards on 4.01 Dimm firmware with Naomi) or can it be any one?
    • I'm a bit confused by some of your questions. There are no SD cards. A game kit consists of a PIC, a CF card, and a HDD. We did not create the multi. I'm not sure exactly what is held on the cf card but it has to match the PIC info to work properly.

      Good question about if a blank cf card would work when upgrading. My guess is no unless there was a specific structure already there.

      What cf to ide adapter are you talking about? The Lindbergh has the cf card slot built into the motherboard.
    • Sorry about that got my CF and SD confused. (too many abbreviations)

      In this video below, when Lukemorse1 first got his Lindbergh Yellow, there is one CF card on the motherboard and then when he flips the plate that normally would hold the hdd at around 5:25 there is a CF to ide adapter and another CF card which I would assume like the HDD that would normally be there contains the game data:

      When you said you had Outrun 2 with only a CF card did you mean it only needed a CF card attached to the board and therefore nothing was needed where the HDD would go?

      Any clue who created the multikit? My guess is the way it works is how a multi boot Linux configuration works with each game being like a separate os or partition that the loader would run.

      From what I would understand the CF card on the motherboard would contain the OS (Monovista Linux in Yellow, Red and Red EX or Windows in Blue) and the HDD or second CF card (as seen in that video) would contain the game data.

      From what you said I would figure the pic chip would unlock the game data on the hdd or decrypt it as it was installed (like how a Naomi/Chihiro pic would when dumping data to a dimm).

      I had read that newer games update firmware and os data when installed which is why I had asked if you then try to install an older game on the hdd would the system has problems due to the os/firmware updates the newer game installed.
    • Ah I see. So someone just replaced the HDD with a CF adapter. The HDD is not protected at all so you could use and IDE device for the data so yeah they just copied the HDD to a CF card to prevent future crashing.

      You are right the CF acts as a booot drive. The OS and some other bits are loaded directly from the CF card and then game data is loaded from the storage device....usually.

      Good question, my suspicion is that you could load an older game after loading a newer one as long as it was designed to run on the same model Lindbergh.
    • So, when installed, how much room does a normal Lindbergh game take up? (I am guessing not larger then dvd size)

      Also, one other question, I have seen someone who has made Sata multi kits, how is this even possible when the Lindbergh is looking for an IDE device, I am guessing the os cf card is modified to look for the data over sata.

      So, that Star Horse 2 game that Luke had running on CF, Was that a mod someone did to replace the hdd with a CF card or is such a thing factory installed? (might be, looks like it might have a Sega Part number 837-14484R on it)

      Would replacing the IDE hard drive from a multikit with a large enough CF card be possible? (I have seen 64gb and 128gb cf cards)

      If so, would a specific cf to ide adapter be needed? Also, would it be a direct replacement (Clone drive to cf, attach card) for the ide drive (like Gauntlet Dark Legacy's CF card adapter) or would OS modding of some sort be needed?

      Sorry for all the questions, I just want to learn everything possible about this so when I eventually get it I know quite a bit. I have a background in computers so I couldn't see this being too much of a problem.
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    • I noticed the Lindbergh Mother board does have an SATA port, though the OS on the CF card would likely need to be modified to use that as opposed to the IDE port.

      Alternatively you could run an IDE to SATA adapter just like you could run an IDE to CF adapter all that would take is dumping the hard drive image to the new device and plugging it in.

      unless you're worried about long term failure there's really no good reason to not just use the regular old
      IDE HDD.
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    • I believe that the multi will only work with IDE devices. The multi you refer to only works with DATA devices. That kit HEAVILY modifies game files of the games. another kit mostly boots,all games exactly how they would normally just with a front end to select the game.

      That game is probably an original sega. Probably just wasn't very big. I've never seen it personally.
    • Well I found out my Lindbergh shipped today so I will eventually be getting it.

      Just wondering, how would I find out who's multi kit was installed on it? Would it be in the menu?

      If this unit uses ide would cloning it to an CF card and running it from an IDE to CF adapter be an option? If so, would there be a certain speed of card I would want to get?
    • Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      I believe that the multi will only work with IDE devices. The multi you refer to only works with DATA devices. That kit HEAVILY modifies game files of the games. another kit mostly boots,all games exactly how they would normally just with a front end to select the game.

      That game is probably an original sega. Probably just wasn't very big. I've never seen it personally.
      does it work with an ide to sata converter so the HDD can be swapped with a ssd?

      Edit: meant sata not data
    • gamemaster14 wrote:

      Darksoft wrote:

      I tried. It works. to unmulti, you need an original CF and pic and then the DVD to install from scratch.
      Do you know where someone could get an original CF card for installing off of the disc? Will any IDE hard drive over a certain size work?
      I have had problems installing games on 40GB IDE drives that are NOT Hitachi Deskstars. Even then, I've had issues if the Hitachi Deskstar IDE drive does not say '41.1GB'. It could just be the batch of drives I've tried but when capacity was showing 40GB, it would get stuck at the disk initialization phase of the install.

      My Lindbergh Yellows original came with Model HDS728040PLAT20 Capacity 41.1GB.

      Original CF card is 128MB. Most Multikits come with a larger CF based on the modifications to the original image.