First post, a lurker from UK

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    • First post, a lurker from UK


      I've been lurking on this forum since the beginning and always meant to post something, will hopefully do a bit more now. I did have an old account but I've long lost it.

      I'm on UKVac as 'lix' and had also been on Jamma+ as 'vxc', where I'de probably be known for my buggy Major Title 2 to R-Type Leo conversion (I did test it lots, honest!). The name lix comes from an old nick shortened from 'Sweetlicks', which is an old Namco whack-a-mole machine and my very first repair when I landed a job as an amusement arcade technician.

      I do a lot of repairs and have quite a large collection of machines and boards now, including a few Sega model 2 twin racers, pinball machines and some old classics. Unfortunately I don't offer a repair service any more, I used to about 25 years ago where I recall a lot of my early repairs were CPS1 boards (still a common problem today, and inspiration for some of the projects I'm working on now). Repair logs are something I like to post though as I'de prefer to share the knowledge so that other people can repair their games too. I've been into arcade games since the early 90's, seen quite a lot but haven't really been involved in modern stuff like Sega Naomi onwards.

      Have a lot of experience in commercial games production as I've been a software programmer on quite a few released games, and also as an embedded engineer working on designing and making PCBs and products such as robotics, musical instruments and games hardware.

      Some of the projects I'm currently working on an FPGA based Jamma board, which I'm using to help develop another project being an FPGA based reproduction of the CPS1 A custom chip (which I need several of). And I have some long term ambitious projects of designing a bulletproof universal CRT monitor chassis PCB, and maybe something to do with Model 2 which I've been reverse engineering a little.

      So I'll try to post about my projects, I can get a bit busy from time to time but I'll keep people posted ;)

      lix / Steve
    • Thanks Suverman, I have a long history in CRTs as I used to work on Delta gun tubes before the epiphany of single-in-line in the early 80's (I am old, TVs used to have valves). Back in my school days people knew me for my messing around with electronics, so I said to the bullies that I would make a TV someday. I am sure they don't care, but today there are a lot of other people who care. And we all love the warmth of CRT, so that is a definite goal. I've seen ElectronAsh but not messaged yet.

      I would like to remake logic chips also, I have long term involvement in the repair of a lot of pcbs. FPGA is still new to me. I have squeezed a 6502 and a 68000 as well as tile and sound hardware into my new design so far, so I have hopes.

      I do also Like to brew and drink beer though, so I have at least one distraction.
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    • The FPGA JAMMA board looks nice, old classics pcbs or even newer ones which have started failing would be really cool to have replica this compact. I really hope this works out, I would love something like this that plays old 68k games.

      Terrible at brewing beer, tried it once went down the gutter, only micro brewery for me :D
      DS multi addict.

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