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    • Frank_fjs wrote:

      I could probably release it quite soon, the design is nearly done I've just not had the chance to order PCBs and test it.

      I'm also working on something new, which is a while away, to take things to the next level.
      That sounds super cool, thank you for the update.

      I’m looking forward to use one of them in combination with a RAD2X cable (which haven’t arrived jet). Last weekend I finally got a new power supply for my 6 board slot board whit enough power. It took a couple of months to be back in stock and maybe next weekend I will spray paint the metal cover and fix my controller. There is much more to do, but slowly I’m getting there.

      Thanks @Frank_fjs :)
    • Hi guys,

      I picked up a Minigun Supergun recently from an ebay seller, and am having a bit of an issue I wondered if anybody might have an idea where to start diagnosing.

      It works, I get sound, control inputs, coins, test, etc. Game displays and plays fine except the blue colour channels seems to be extremely noisy (if I go into a NeoGeo game test menu, the Red and Green squares are fine, but the Blue square is fuzzy and flickery) and if I adjust the color pots, I can get it to a roughly acceptable level but then I leave it for a few minutes and it's faded back to its original, very yellowed state.

      I'm just using an 8 pin mini din to scart connector, then a fully wired scart cable into both a CRT and an OSSC same result, tried multiple scart cables. I don't get the same yellowing on my cabinet, and I've tried multiple boards so it isn't the board.

      Any idea what the issue could possibly be? The seller isn't responding at all.

      Thanks for any help
    • Hi Frank, thanks so much for the swift reply and the offer of a new pcb, that's really appreciated.

      I had to set it all up quickly as I'd put it away but here's the setup I have been using, and pictures of the minigun board, including the THS chip and the underside of that area, and the yellowing I get in the output.

      Let me know what you think, I have very basic soldering skills so if necessary I can make a repair attempt based on any advice you have, but I'll be totally honest all I've done is a few capacitor replacements and a couple of cable modifications, never worked with surface mount components before.

      Cable setup is pretty basic, a cheap fully wired scart to scart, nothing special. And the Retro Gaming Cables EuroScart to 8-pin-mini-din adapter that I've soldered the input pins over to outputs as in this article…i-Din-RGB-Output-to-SCART

      I'm waiting on the 8-pin to scart cable from Retro Gaming Cables to come back into stock. I thought I might have damaged the blue wire when I made the modification, but I've checked it and its well soldered and hasn't been damaged.

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    • Could very well be. But 8-pin mini din is extremely difficult to find in Europe, the xrgb-mini input adapter from Retro Gaming Cables was all I could find until Retro Gaming Cables gets their HAS cable back in stock. Which I was told would be today but... nothing. So unfortunately I have, and cannot currently buy, anything else to test it with.

      Thanks for taking a look over the PCB. I'll keep looking for cables.

      edit: With the exception of 8 pin cables for certain vintage computers, but those do not share the same pinout as the HAS/xrgb mini.
    • You could use one of my scart adapters. It takes a regular mini din 8 to mini din 8 (wired straight through) cable and converts it to scart. Also has the benefit of proper scart voltages for 4:3 mode and auto RGB AV push, as well as the ability to isolate and / or feed in a separate audio input via a 3.5mm headphone jack.
    • New

      I'm just looking at the Png you posted of the 4 player hat...
      Can anyone here give me a quote to build it with shipping to Canada? (along with a 4 player CPS2 harness too)

      Also, I've been using the supergun for a while with a SCART cable + upscaler. I was wondering if it outputs composite/S-video too? I think the HAS needs a hat for that , I remember the sentinel had the adapter on board. Does the minigun have any way to output composite/s-video?

      It would help immensely for when i'm bringing this to events. Also cheaper/easier when I want to ADD another simultaneous setup for events (which I plan to... Once I'm able to run events again, once this coronoavirus lockdown is over)...

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