Consolizing an MVS board, the simply, Beharbros way

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    • Consolizing an MVS board, the simply, Beharbros way

      Hi folks,
      We've just introduced some boards to simplify consolizing of the MVS boards. First one is a Jamma I/O board for the controls and audio/video output. It's thickness of 3mm which is around the double of a regular pcb.

      Second is a Scart video amplifier called RGB16 featuring the THS7374 IC allowing a proper RGB output from the board.

      Third is an FPGA based lag-free VGA linedoubler called VGA16 for 480p video output with scanlines and pixel blending features. 480p output is produced directly from the digital video signals of the MVS.

      They can be found on our site We will also offer a metal enclosure for the MV-1C boards soon.

      Video in action

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    • Images fixed with links(I hope)
      Using superguns is a another way to play games, however these are for consolizing the MVS boards with a unique enclosure. We provide cabling for the installation however it still requires soldering knowledge. Also our products have specifically optimized video outputs for the MVS. Superguns are for more general use.
      VGA16 Scandoubler works much better than expected since it benefits from the digital video signals directly and bypasses the analog output of the MVS. This means there is no loss in video quality since it's digitally linedoubled to 480p and no artifacts due to the analog cabling occur. In other setups there are too many factors(supergun with improper video encoder&output/poor cabling for the upscaler/linedoubler) on the chain affecting loss in quality...