F-ZERO AX machine running Initial-D ??

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    • F-ZERO AX machine running Initial-D ??

      A little OT, but not really...and my first post ;-). I actually own an F-Zero AX machine, and I’m wondering if it would be an easy swap to the Triforce game, “Initial D”, given I have the GD-Rom and possibly the security chip...I would think the controls wouldn’t be too much different, and I don’t expect force feedback or chair rotation to happen (that would be a bonus though!)
      ..Im just wondering if it’s at all possible! Anyone tried this? Or just know’ if it would work?
    • Maybe the controls are compatible with a Naomi 2?
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    • lukemorse1 wrote:

      its possible but the hardest part is to rewire the pedals and boost buttons as well as Yar, Yaw and Roll. The original handle moves up and down as well as back and fourth.

      I wired my single homemade monster cab to run about 12 games but there are several switches and plugs that need to be swapped each time a game is changed.
      could you give me some other info on this?
      Any pics?