sony pvm 1440qm repair log

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    • sony pvm 1440qm repair log

      recently I took a kind of old pvm monitor from a kind of junkie, obviously a not working unit, it is a 1440qm 14" and comes with a scart rgb. I put this monitor on the work bench and after two days I totally repaired it and after analyzed the guns with my tube rejuv discovered that they are like new! The monitor now wait for all caps wich I have already ordered.The 1440qm have a tube with less than 600 lines. this kinescope returns an image quality even higher than my bvm at least on all the 240p material. The colors and the yield are of an indescribable softness and it is useless that I try to take pictures because they do not do justice. But I promise I'll try.First of all there was a fault on psu board with one cap exploded, I checked all with tester and replaceed 2 caps on psu board ("Fe" board) and four caps near the deflection area ("A"board), near the flyback, I got raster but not picture at all then with the oscilloscope I followed the video signal up to the chroma section on the "A" board and I found a broken transistor and others capacitors with wrong values, replaced these I finally had the image on screen but in black and white, I checked and double checked everything 200 times but I didn't understand where the problem could be so I decided to replace the entire ic TA7193p and bam it was a success.So I have replaced one transistor 2sc2785 basically all psu board caps and all the caps near the flyback + the ic on crhoma section TA7193p. The monitor is basically like a good arcade monitor but with razor clean geometry and perfect colors balance. There is also switch for color temp preset. Here is some photo with ps3+ scart (480i only, sorry) the contrast pot its only at midle position.
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