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    • Namco Es3 - help

      Anyone have experience with this system? I just got my hands on a system with Tekken 7 FR and the videocard or hard drive seem to be going out. I get occasional freezing lockups. Is there a way to backup these drives into another or replacing the videocard? My concern is the security the system has.

      Edit 06/21/19 - I do not want to know of any exploit. If anyone can just point me in what can or cannot be done without killing my system would be great. I am tempted to hook up the drive to my PC and run diagnostic but heard it may suicide the hard drive? Again, I'm not looking for any type of exploit, just want to know what is safe vs not safe to do. If I install a new videocard and it doesn't work will it kill off anything and will it still work if I just swap the original card back in? I guess my main concern is will the Namco security on these system brick anything if I replace any piece of hardware.

      Update 6/20/19 - Great news, I took the videocard out and repaste it. It needed it baaadddd... The paste was dried up and was causing overheat. It seem to have fixed my artifacts issue but freezing is still happening probably due to the hard drive slowly dying. Hopefully someone can figure out how to clone the HD and make it work before it dies. In the meantime I think I'm going to keep the playing time down to a minimum to avoid any premature death of the system prior to anyone figuring out how to clone the drive.

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      This system is too new and it's being sold and supported by Namco. We are ok with providing basic information like @nem did about where to look for, but we won't allow to provide ways to bypass the protections and such information will be deleted as soon as we notice.
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      @Darksoft understood, revised original thread. Not looking for any exploit. Just more info on what is safe on these systems.

      @nem Yes, I actually took it all apart and re-applied new paste to both CPU and GPU.

      As for checking the drive, is there any safe way to do it? Hopefully not breaking rules but I read somewhere that if I hook it up to a regular windows machine it could possibly brick the drive or something? Not looking for any type of exploit. Just trying to save my system from death.

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