Street Fighter EX2 plus missing stage music

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    • Street Fighter EX2 plus missing stage music

      I just bought a SF EX2+, everything seems to be working fine except it's missing the background stage music and character select music.

      When I go to sound test it doesn't seem to play anything, when I check the roms, a few roms say "NG" and the screen would freeze and needs a hard reset.

      The sound is currently hooked up from the jamma connection, the board also has a Q-sound stereo out but I haven't had the chance to test it yet.

      Could it be that music only plays through Q-sound stereo? Or there is some error in the music?

      Have anyone experience something similar before?
    • NG means “not good” so it’s either the roms aren’t good or something is inhibiting the cpu from confirming that they’re good. Which weren’t good?

      Q sound samples are in rom 3a. Audio cpu is run by 2e and 3e. I’d start with the audio cpu roms and check those, but no harm in checking all 3. If they’re bad just burn new ones, they take a 27c020 or similar.

      You don’t need a q sound amp or anything. It should play fine with a normal amp.
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