MegaSD - FPGA SegaCD in a cart

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    • Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      I think it's sad to say but the days of youtube just being people sharing their personal ideas is done. So many people do it as a job now so monetizing videos and getting sponsors means more than integrity to most big name Youtubers. And what can you do as a viewer? It's a nasty cycle. If you leave the big channel to a smaller channel then eventually the same thing will happen to them. It is a pretty common practice now for companies to go directly to YouTube "Influencers" for advertising purposes. Take that in "influencer". Sounds like a bad word to me. Some examples that come to mind immediately:

      -Remember how much Ninja was paid to just PLAY Apex Legends on his stream pre-launch?

      -Ever notice how many gaming youtubers are reviewing the entire line of Arcade 1UP cabinets when the new series are released? Those take a ton of space and aint cheap. Just sayin'

      Now I can't say if I was in the same position that I wouldn't take the product. For Youtubers working for monetization content is king. Not really quality of content but simply the amount. If you need more views on your channel then you need more videos to get the same people to view. And more views equals more money. So if someone gives them a reason to make any video they will.

      It is sad to me that so many channels I used to love now release so many videos that are just stupid or almost completely the same as a video they did previously. :(

      I don't think Bob takes any free products. We offered him a free cart and he would not accept. Oh well. Once we are done there will be no doubt which cart is the best and most affordable in the end. Just hope he will make an updated video when we are finished.
      I am late to the party but I honestly find it funny how people on YouTube "expressing their opinions" take that as their primary source of income..everytime I see a video, no matter who that person is, it's always begging for money, patrion this patrion that.. I always reply, go get a real job and do this on your spare time and not on mine. The dark side of me goes like, I wish that YouTube gets data nuke or something and/or all the data gone so I can see people cry. The light side of me goes like..calm down son, calm down.
      The Future Is Now

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    • Darksoft wrote:

      Everyone can give his opinion but as usual, please keep it polite and no personal attacks or we delete posts and close thread.
      Keepin in classy :thumbup:

      Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      The difference is DS is a hobbyist. He isn't doing this as a major form of income. Alex relocated his entire family to a different country to avoid taxes on sales by their company. They are in it for money only. I make Youtube videos and so do many of our members so that does the job pretty well. We aren't trying to compete with an entire team of engineers very often. It makes no sense for us both to make the same type of product.
      I've said it before and i'll say it again, TerraOnion is gonna stay in console stuff from here on out. They have sunk costs in Neo Geo that they're trying to get back, but beyond that I think they've learned it's a bad idea to play in the arcade niche as a full-fledged business. There's no room to split a market and release something that exists (I love the neo-geo forums where they're asking for a 'better' cps2 multi, lol not gonna happen). Unless they come out with something original, I think they learned not to compete with darksoft (et al.) directly, or steal something he has in development.

      Last two products are both console and original works (show me another Sega CD ode?). I'd expect more of the same. If they can't think of more original ideas I'd think they go after something undeserved like a Saturn or Dreamcast ODE you can actually buy from a store.

      Anyway, might be an unpopular opinion but I think if TO stays making console products, we all win. If they try arcade again , then unfortunately we all lose because the market ain't big enough for a non-hobbyist, and then they end up hurting themselves and the hobbyist. But I do think they're smarter than that (now).
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    • I'm a HUGE SEGA fan but this device isn't for me. Not because I feel it will be a poor product, I personally just prefer real hardware.

      My Dingoo A320 (anyone remember those?) emulates Sega-CD pretty darn well, and that cost me $50 and has a 500Mhz CPU and 32MB ram. :D

      I've got a few Sega CD consoles, such as a Mega CD1, Mega CD2, Wondermega, and the lasers haven't given up yet. If they do, it's a $30 replacment. No copy protection so no need for fancy mods or flashcarts.
    • Bob is a cool guy, doing very good and regular informative stuff in the retrogaming area.

      He's doing a lot of work. Even when he's wrong he corrects himself. That makes him the most reliable person with general qualification in the scene. He's been involved much every week that some people think he's a kind of a god, and has to be perfect about everything.

      I wouldn't care if he changes his mind on things, he's expressing his own opinion with his own perception and style.

      If you don't agree with him you can send him a message and tell him he's always humble, responsive and feels like a good person who cares about what people watching him think and about information he gives.

      Or give us options, try to review things yourself.

      Constructive criticism is a good thing but let's stay gentle with this guy because he's clearly doing that for the community and not for money.

      I won't buy the Mega SD because I don't need more drama, even and ode is questionable, I tend more and more to keep my hardware as original as possible.
      Any Multi MVS bug ? Before asking delete BUFF FILE on the SD card and Reset NVRAM procedure : Power on without cart, Press Start multiple times until it asks to press ABC + Start, Do it, Power off > Done

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    • I completely agree with @archimage. Bob is solid. Period.

      About the topic itself which is the MegaSD, I think I would only buy a real ODE. I don't want and I don't need a full replacement. If we emulate a 68k in the MegaCD why don't you emulate the whole megadrive as well? and give us a full Megadrive with 32x and megaCD emulation? But that's just my opinion.
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    • I agree, i don’t see the point in having original hardware hooked up with cloned attachment. for me i’d either use original megadrive with segacd+A hypothetical ode or just fpga everything with mister. Not this strange hybrid that’s frankly the worst of both worlds. However i’m pretty sure i am the minority and that there will be more money in a cart like this than an ode.
      I do think its a pretty good technical achievement if they made it function properly eventhough i won’t be buying
    • jassin000 wrote:

      I don't think the price is unreasonable given its a full replacement for the Sega CD hardware...
      But that's also kinda my issue with it, I don't want a full replacement, I just wana load BIN/CUE from a SD card with a real Sega CD mainboard/68k CPU.
      Me 2.

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    • I think the appeal of this is that, other than copying files onto an SD card, it's a plug and play solution. No need to take anything apart, make sure you have a specific revision of hardware, etc.

      For many it's not the solution they've been hoping for, but for others it won't make a difference as long as it works as advertised.
    • The appeal is easy, it's just that I don't know who it's supposed to appeal to. Like, for me, a non Genesis person, who has one lying around, the appeal is great. One thing, plug it in, go. Boom. Problem is, as that kind of person, I don't actually give a fuck about SegaCD games. There's a stack of normal games I'll never get through already. So paying more for an easy to solution to something I don't actually care about? Why bother?

      To the purist who already cares about SegaCD, anything less than an ODE probably feels like a step backwards, so again, why pay for it?

      Beats me how it will do, I have no insight. But from my perspective it's overly expensive for making not enough people actually happy.
    • Mega CD is worth buying for :
      - 99 9% stylish hardware
      - 0.
      1% interesting games

      That's why I find this device too expensive.

      Also I like the Mega CD for the CD actually.
      Any Multi MVS bug ? Before asking delete BUFF FILE on the SD card and Reset NVRAM procedure : Power on without cart, Press Start multiple times until it asks to press ABC + Start, Do it, Power off > Done

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    • PascalP wrote:

      rewrite wrote:

      With Krikzz saying he's going to revisit Genesis after the N8 Pro is done, I wonder if we'll see some competition.
      N8 pro? What will that offer over the N8?
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    • Looks like when asked if he's going to support Sega CD Krikzz said "Probably. I must :)".

      So if I'm just going to swap out my existing everdrive for the new one when that rolls around and throw it in the Mega SG. No reason to roll the die with TO when Krikzz has a proven track record.
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    • The appeal of the device (Mega SD) is I don't have to deal with stupid, flaky CD attachments anymore.

      Yes, it's an FPGA recreation/simulation, and, yes, I realize it's the same core being used in a MISTer... but I don't have a MISTer, maybe I don't have interest in a MISTer, or I can't be bothered to get a MISTer, and this makes more sense to me as a plug-and-play solution.

      Am I buying it? It doesn't work with the CDX, so that's a deal-killer to me. I'd rather have an ODE anyway. That said, I don't think a lot of the "who is for?!?!??!?!" makes a lot of sense. It's obviously not for people who only want real hardware. :P