Issues with including a PSU enclosed in a Consolized NeoGeo system?

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    • Issues with including a PSU enclosed in a Consolized NeoGeo system?

      Working on building myself CMVS v2.0 and I want to include the PSU into the enclosure and feed AC directly into the back rather than rely on wall-warts and in-line power bricks.

      Why? It's convenient, keeps cable mess down, and a moron friend fried the motherboard in my CMVS once because there are plenty of 12v PSU's that use the exact same 2.5mm barrel plug my 5v CMVS uses. I would like to avoid this in the future.

      The PSU I'm thinking is a 5v 7a PSU (I know, overkill on the amps, but it's incredibly compact) from an older model Apple TV, so it's high quality, low heat, and was already shoved inside a super tight enclosure right next to the apple TV motherboard so I imagine it produces relatively low RF interference.

      So what I wonder, is interference going to be a problem with the NeoGeo? if I shield it with well am I ok? Is AC current running directly into the CMVS going to be a problem (outside of shoddy workmanship, I know what I'm doing with AC and it will be well protected.)

      Here's the PSU next to a MV-1fz

      It doesn't have any kind of metal shielding on it, just this plastic wrap around stuff. I was planning to mount it underneath the board with a bit of ventilation (apple TV's have zero ventilation)

      Anyone see any issues with this?
    • UPDATE: While I haven't gotten a definitive answer in the various places I posted this, some people did clear some things up. For anyone

      • The plastic on the AppleTV PSU is shielding, so it is a shielded PSU and should be fine crammed next to other stuff as it was in the apple TV
      • If you are going to cram a PSU into a tight enclosure with other boards, a paper-foil or plastic type shield is probably better than a metal cage for interference
      • It might be an issue if it was going in next to something that ran at a higher clock frequency than the NeoGeo.