Degaussing Tate TV Question

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    • Degaussing Tate TV Question


      I recently pulled an old CRT TV out of the garage and made a tate set up for shooters. Which is awesome, but I just noticed a couple very faint, very small purple spots at the corners. Looks like it needs maybe a degaussing. Which isn't too hard to do obviously, but here's my question.

      This TV happens to be in a room full of game cartridges, Hu Cards, CD ROMS, arcade boards etc. I'm a little sketch on parading around the room with a degaussing device because I'd prefer not to ruin the game collection I've been building for the last 20 years. Should this be a concern? Or am I just being paranoid because of my ignorance?

      There aren't any tapes or hard drives in the area, just retro video games everywhere. I could move the TV out of the room and do it but that would be a huge pain in the butt, and from what I read, moving the TV back can just cause the issue to happen again.

      What do you guys think?

      Thanks in advance!
    • You shouldn't parade around the room with a degaussing wand on! ;)

      No need to move your TV again once you have it settled... just use the wand standing directly in front of the screen, it will only take 10 seconds or so to get the job done :) As long as you're not purposefuly pointing the wand directly at magnetic media, your stuff will be fine!
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    • CD ROMs aren't magnetic media, they're optical, your game boards use flash memory

      I'm not entirely sure how HU Cards work so that is potentially a concern.

      As @djsheep said, you're not dancing around the room waving the wand at everything, you should plug it in and leave it turned off until you're standing in front of the TV, turn it on, use it and turn it off

      And keep it well away from any computers with mechanical hard drives. But I think you pointed that out already

      Also keep it away from speakers. The TV shouldn't be next to speakers either and may well be causing your corner issues if it's right next to a pair.
    • As SNK said above, sometimes these spots are caused by magnetic interference, from nearby speakers or even the earth itself.
      Try to degauss the tube, but if the spots continue try moving the tube around the room.
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