Sony PVM 2730QM Repair (Blue/Yellow tint)

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    • Sony PVM 2730QM Repair (Blue/Yellow tint)

      Sorry if this is not properly arcade related, but i was wondering if any of you guys might have experience with these since mine is pretty much in the zero zone.
      My pvm 2730 has a very low blue output and the white part tends to be yellowish.
      I started with a full recap (there were TONS in here) but after a while i came across this situation. I was able to adjust some end gains for the Blue and Red Pots on the neck pcb but after that they just seems to do nothing at all, i even checked the manual and changed them with the same value.
      I followed the manual for W/B white balance but still, these pots are not acting at all and i barely noticed any difference when turning them right or left.
      Picture is the actual situation (its brighter in person, probably the phone camera darkened it) but as you can see the blue is way down compared to the other colors, also the white part has this yellow tint at some point.
      Turning Hue, contrast or "picture" help the situation but still the blue part is down compared to the others. I have not found any gain to blue related and i don't know what else i could try...
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    • This guys videos are really informative. He's pretty much the PVM guru. About 2 minutes in he talks about some adjustments that might help you:

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