PS2 Hidden Gems

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    • Rygar was good!

      It's hard to think of things that weren't rereleased.

      - Killer 7
      - Shadow of Rome
      - Gitaroo Man
      - Viewtiful Joe
      - Psychonauts
      - Okami (rerelease on modern systems)
      - Fatal Frame series
      - Silent Hill 2
      - Beyond Good and Evil
      - Zone of the Enders series (actually got a PS4 release)
      - Dark Cloud
      - Shin Megami Tensei
      - Shadow Hearts series
      - Shadow of Memories
      - The Bouncer
      - Odin Sphere (got rereleased)
      - Wild Arms series (underrated series in general)
      - God Hand
      - Blood Will Tell
      - Ico (got a rerelease)
      - Shinobi (cant remember if the Nightshade sequel was any good)
      - Gradius V (excellent game by Treasure)
      - Castlevania LOI and COD.

      IGA also made Nanobreaker, but I don't remember it being particularly good.

      It's a good idea to check and find games that were translated.

      (Did Tales of Destiny II ever get translated? ?( )