Looking for an accurate three gang potentiometer

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    • Looking for an accurate three gang potentiometer

      Hello, I'm working on a new setup and I'd like to know if someone can recommend me a reliable and accurate three gang pot for the R,G,B video signals. I've found P083N-071S1CBR1K at Mouser, with a Gang Error of maximum +/-3 dB (-40dB to 0dB). I'm not sure if this is good enough to get accurate colors, or if there are better alternatives.

      Datasheet: mouser.es/datasheet/2/414/P08-1545446.pdf

      I got a reply from Tim Worthington and these pots are not worth it since +/-3 dB Gang Error means about +/- 40%. He recommends larger diameter pots because they are more accurate in his experiments but, even large, good quality pots have too much error, so he recommends buying one with lots of gangs and manually finding the three that match the best.

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