Servicing cab without line AC

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    • Servicing cab without line AC

      So I'm in an interesting situation. I live in an apartment building with no elevator, and not enough space for the cabinet I just picked up.
      Therefore, it's in storage.

      Problem: There's no power in my storage unit, and I'm going to need to service it.

      I've got a few options. I'm sure they'll all work, but I don't know how good they'll be for the cabinet. I know that they're built to tolerate a lot given their purpose though.

      Option 1: inverter attached to car battery, while the car is running.
      Cheapest, probably the dirtiest power as well.

      Option 2: Add a line conditioner to the above. Should fix any interference/voltage issues.

      Option 3: Go for broke, use this as an excuse to buy a 2U 1500VA, network managed, on-line, rackmount UPS and just use that, maybe add an inverter for charging.

    • Option 4: Run an extension cord from the nearest electrical outlet to your storage unit.

      Not sure where ya live but it's super hot and humid here in Georgia. Which means ya gotta have some kind of air conditioning in our units which means power.

      But from experience even units without power have some kind of power somewhere on the outside of the units or in the hall-way.
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    • Just tap power somewhere in the building. My storage unit place has service outlets throughout for the cleaning staff. So you could use those. I got lucky and know the manager, so he let me hook up outlets and lights. So yeah, just ask them at your facility or don’t ask just do it :evil:

      If not available, you could get one of those portable Honda generators/inverters and use a automatic line voltage regulator/conditioner.
      Also, side not: the issue with most cheap inverters is that they produce a square sine wave that causes problems with equipment sensitive to this, some stuff won’t even run. So that’s something else consider.

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