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    • Lindbergh hdd

      I have a question, I now have an Initial D5 hard disk and host, can normal game, I want to modify the files in the hard disk, but found that the operating system does not support, do not recognize the partition, unable to modify, how can I modify the files inside?
      How to modify hard disk data under windows?
      The hard drive is Western Digital. 40gb hdd!

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    • The HDD has a few partitions that hold the game. All of these partitions are encrypted, and so there is no simple way you can modify them.

      You also wouldn't be able to read any of them under windows anyway due to the file system they use, even if they wern't encrypted.

      On the internet you are able to find unencrypted versions of this game, and ways to run them - but this forum doesn't allow discussion on how to bypass Lindbergh security and so I can't help you any furhter on here.
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    • Excuse me, can you tell me its structure? Several partitions, which partition is all what files? I want to try according to the original hard disk partition, file structure to write these files to a raw sata hard disk, try to run it, I directly copy the file to this hard disk is prompted not to find the hard disk, may be the wrong structure, I hope to help me.

      In addition, I have two bin images, which may be optical disc images, but the original optical disc is one, how can there be two mirrors, one mirror does not have, and disk0 to 9, only disk0 has the main id5.elf. in it? The other mirror is the packet. The rest of the data, is gone. Is it divided into nine partitions, each of which has a corresponding file, and the packet is stored in the first partition? It's just a guess, mainly to study it, not to bypass protection.

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