“Wanted” by SEGA 1982(Vic Dual hardware)

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    • “Wanted” by SEGA 1982(Vic Dual hardware)

      Hello I wanted to share about my recent find of an unreleased Sega game. I have a friend that’s been “out” of the hobby for close to 20 years and recently allowed me to purchase his collection of 40+ pcbs. I already have a lot of the games(who doesn’t need spares?) but was happy to find one(actually 2) I’ve been after for a while, Lode Runner. I was also given a game which he had told me was unreleased and had stopped “working” more than 20 years ago, he said it was called “Wanted” by Sega. I could see that it used 2 soundboards(Head On/Space Attack) which I’d never heard of for one game on this hardware, the board also uses 2716 in all 16 sockets. Well after pulling the roms and sending them to Mark Spaeth and another collector that’s part of the dumping union, we now have these images.

      I’m hoping it will be available to everyone soon through MAME. I still need to take the time and document the modifications to the hardware Incase anyone wants to run it that way.
    • I’ve managed to get it to boot to a garbage screen. Hopefully some new ram will take care of it(did for a carnival I fixed a few years back), can’t wait to hear the sound from both of those boards(need to upload pics of hardware later). I was given a “SPARE” set of roms and was so scared when I saw 14 of the roms had very little data, luckily the set on the board matched the checksums written on the labels and some gentleman with skills beyond my imagination have been able to get it “running”. I’m not able to dump the proms(at the moment) due to my reader not being capable, but am hoping to have someone local to me lend me a hand.
    • jamesv833 wrote:

      I wanted to share about my recent find of an unreleased Sega game.
      When I read that, I though, Oh well, another guy hoarding PCBs unreleased, but after reading the rest of your venture, I'm really happy to see how it all ended and of your contribution to the arcade world. Thumbs UP!
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