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  • danny8oy -

    Hi Luka I've just picked up a thrill drive cabinet and wondered if you could let me know how you replaced the rtc chip sorry I'm new to this and can't find any info how to do it

    • LuKa -

      Hi danny8oy, that's no problem. I got hold of a replacement RTC chip and socket from a member called "gunblade" on Jamma+ forums. I followed the advice of Gunblade and made a strong cardboard support/jig to hold the motherboard and prevent any pressure going to the chips and BGAs. I then used Chip Quik and a hot air station to carefully heat up the chip legs until it pretty much fell out with a bit of assistance. I will be honest it was a pain in the arse also it did take alot of time and patience, I would highly recommend covering the surrounding area with a load Kapton Tape to protect the components also use alot of flux. Once I had the RTC chip out I soldered in the socket to allow easy changes in the future and put in the new freshly programmed RTC.

      I hope this helps in some way, I would say this is a pretty advanced job, if you are new to repairing I would recommend finding someone who has experience doing repairs.