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  • rsignal -

    If you are looking into making a proper website I recommend you cutcodedown.com website. It's a great resource.

  • rsignal -

    Hi RGB, have you tested the Happ Power Pro? I wonder how it compares with the Suzo 42PP0606 na.suzohapp.com/products/power_supplies/80-0064-00

  • Fictiongp -

    I filled out the application and didn't get a reply

  • KingSopz -

    Hey RGB i send you a PM a while back , i wanted to know if you put me in the list for your upcoming batch ?

  • RGB -

    Hey guys, the best way to contact me is via private message, I don't really check this wall.

    • bradgamer -

      hi home arcade supergun sets 3.1. do you have inshock Mr. RGB sir what the price of each unit looking for two unit NeoGeo mvs pcb setup thank you .

  • lupinko -

    Hello, I wanted to apologize for the lack of communication on my part as that was poor form. Rather than trying to explain myself with excuses, I rather just be blunt and own up for my primary poor business behavior. Again, I'm very sorry.

  • TFBUKK -

    Can you please message me as to when these superguns will be available again? I would like to purchase one. Thank you. I am in the US. Have a great day!

  • DiggyGamer -

    Hey I was told to look into one of your superguns. Do you still make them? If it has RGB out, is it possible for me to run JP21 from it? I wanna use it with my framemeister as well as my CRT.

  • lemans123 -

    are you still selling superguns and are you also selling Saturn to DB15 adapter

  • VGC1612 -

    Do you still made Saturn to DB15 adapter?

  • TheDeep1974 -

    Hi there,

    I would like to order a supergun from you but there is one thing I am not sure about, that is, the Scart plug. How does it connect to a SCART TV? Do I need a special cable?



  • fredjss -


    About your supergun (nice work), what kind of output video do you make (svideo, composite, etc)? Is it compatible with Atomiswave, PGM and others pcb boards?

    Do you build to sell?