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  • Gewal -


    I am interested in qty x 2 of the Virtual ON $92 (for using SS twin stick only now)

    Also interested in qty x 4 of Outrigger panels that could use SS twin stick and Happ 2 1/4 trackball if they exist....

  • ClarKent1975 -

    Hello Alberto, could you make a set of 6 button control panels for my Sega Megalo 50 cab? Is there a way I can post a picture?

  • Mukuro_W -

    Hi Alberto, May I Know if you have one new astro city control panel 2p for sale?

  • serarcade -

    Hi Alberto . I'm looking for new astro city 1p6b control panel, any available?

  • the_sheng_longz -

    Hey Alberto. I've emailed you previously, but haven't received a response. Maybe it's hard for you to keep track of things, but I wanted to follow up with you on the Neo 29 repro panel that I emailed about last week? I was the one who requested 2-player, 6-button panel with a Sega button scheme.

  • Breakerpc -

    Hello, search Panel Overlay for MVS-U4/29.

  • hyp36rmax -

    Hey Alberto. Are you still able to product 1L8B Vewlix layout panel for the HSS-0136? Would love to work with you on this.…k/&postID=72720#post72720.

  • n_cruz -

    Hey Alberto. I heard you do repros. I'm very interested in getting 2 for new astro city... 1p6b. Do your repros come with the stick mounts tac'd on? Or just blank?

  • alberto1225 -

    I just sold out the last 2 labels. If you can wait, I will have labels available next week. Good to you?

  • beast1x5 -

    Yep I'll totally take one.. can you message me your paypal email? I'll leave a note with my shipping info

  • beast1x5 -

    hey dude completely out of curiosity do you make the sega ST-V multi labels? would totally buy a blue one of you have any for sale.