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  • Mukuro_W -

    xodaraP, again thank you so much for your availability and kindness, finally I got support near me in Italy ;) The man who will take a look at , is @caius he is allready in arcade-project.

    Thank you so much all-the-way!

  • Mukuro_W -

    May I know if You accept my cps1 for fix? please save them! I got no responce from @caius maybe for some reason he do not want..

    Anyway Thanks


    • xodaraP -

      I can do it but you would have to ship to Australia which would be expensive. Let me know if you can't find everyone in Europe and you want to send them here

  • doozer -

    Well that is a tempting offer :)
    What would you charge to remove, socket and replace the RAM?
    What's your availability like?