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  • nassekova -

    Your site is kind of broken. I tried to order some snugfits but every time I log in and then click any other link on your page "Cart/ Check Out" it will automatically log out and show just empty cart.

  • KenKaniff308 -

    Any chance if we purchase multiple Darksoft multi kits/carts we can get a bundle price going? I have cps2 and neo geo mvs machines for example and might be interested in purchasing the multi kit/cart for both when mvs carts are back in stock and the champion cps2 board is out...I'm assuming there are other people out there with other machine combinations as well...

  • TMF68k -

    Is it currently not possible to purchase from Japan?

  • DollahDollaBillz -

    Hey are you still taking orders for the darksoft f3 kits??

  • legolas119 -

    Hi, is it available a box cover for the MVS Darksoft card? I want to put it in my shockbox. Thanks!


    Now are available Matsubuya

  • Matsubuya -

    Hi Aldo, I'd like to order a cps2 multi kit from your site but just wanted to check if the 4 wire key writing comes with it? I tried select the option from the drop down list but nothing is there. Thanks!

  • mundy -

    ordered cps2 multi few days ago, are these currently in stock or is there a wait time?

  • KingSopz -

    When will the neo geo multi be back in stock?

  • VJP -

    Hy Aldo. I wrote you two mails some weeks ago via your contact form on your website and one message via Facebook bot got no answer.
    I was asking if the LCD screen for the Darksoft Multi-STV will be available again(already bought the Multi-STV). I'm interested in a multi CPS2 and Taito F3 as well, but would like to order also the LCD Screen for the STV.

  • Sanny1974 -

    Hello Aldo. Is it possible to add a SD card to my order (#1280) for the multi AES?

  • Charcoalbuddy -

    Hello Aldo I would like to order 1 long LCD cable for my Darksoft CPS2 multi-kit. Please let me know what you need from me to make this order. Thanks.

  • Mukuro_W -

    Hi may I know if u can help me with a dead cps3 cart? I stay in Italy, thank u in advance

  • fredjss -

    Hello Aldo. Is there only the LCD or only the pcb's multikit (without LCD) to sell?

  • whizkid989 -

    Do you guys provide tracking numbers when shipping to US. It shows Complete on my order Order 1085. But not sure if that means it shipped too. Thank you.


    We are accepting preorder now for multicps2

  • bumblejumper -

    Hello, I am interested in buying a CPS2 Multi with B-Board ready to go. Do you have one available for delivery to the UK? Thanks

  • Telpherion -

    Hello! I would like to buy a CPS2 kit. Do you have stock? Is it possible to send it to Argentina via UPS, Fedex, etc? Thanks!

  • Euphoria -

    Preorder interest check : please for st-v multi 2018


  • Jelkor -

    Hey Aldo,

    I misunderstood the instructions and commented in the post instead of when placing the order. The order # on saveyougames was #418.

    Ordered 1

    Username - Jelkor

    Posted - Mar 29th 2017

    Post #506 on page 26​


  • seikenflyer -

    Hi. I forgot to say. Preorder interest check: seikenflyer - Sep 11th 2016 Mailson (Order ID: #405)

  • Microlee -


  • ayasuke -

    i haved CPS2 multi

  • HeadHuntaz -

    Do you have anymore CPSII Multi's?