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  • dudermangin -

    Sent one last pm...

  • dudermangin -

    Replied to your pm : )

  • dudermangin -

    Hi UD sent you a PM...

  • kof9xddt -

    Hi,UD,would you please check your PM?

  • Tele-Viper -

    I find myself in need of an Infinikey-kabuki, any chance of getting them?

  • Moebius -

    Hello, I am messaging you in regards to your DB15 USB Decoders. If you have any available in stock I would like to order, if unavailable I would like to ask when you think they might be available again. Thank you.

  • Drago -

    hi Bryan can i order from u 4x/6x ud-usb thanks

  • Fred Krueger -

    When trying to do 1.4d update I can only get yellow/orange light. Any tips? I'm trying to get my Hitbox to work.

  • sslakkerr -

    Hey man, big tks for your work, it's dirty harry badass stuff. r any of the cps-dash chips in production yet? I am restoring a punisher cab and would love to easily install a couple chips vs the reprogramming route. plz lemme know if ur still doing this

  • CMS -


  • Jaime -

    Hello undamned is there a site to order the cps1 infinikey. For sure 1 maybe 2
    Contact info jaimenikole@yahoo.com

  • Wall-Garants -

    Brian, I saw in the forum that you can sell decoders to anyone outside the US. I live in Brazil and I am having trouble buying in paradise, I already bought from you and now I need 8 decoders.

  • coderkind -

    Sent a PM, but interested in two DB15 USB Decoders. Appreciate the recent problems with your delivery, so I know it might be a while.

  • pliskin -

    if it's possible to order x2 ud-usb decoders?

  • nutybug -

    Hi undamned, ekorz suggested I could shoot you a message, I'd like to order x2 ud-usb-decoders. I'm in Cali.

  • gateninety -


    Infinite key CPS2 still available ?

  • Sebbeug -


    if it's possible to order x2 ud-usb decoders... I will be glad to use it in France :)
    Thanks for your job,


  • juny77 -


    id like to purchase 4x ud-usb decoders,

    I am in southern California.


  • kryssss -

    Hi Undamned,
    I would like to buy 2x UD USB decoders.
    How can we proceed ?
    I am from Switzerland.
    Thank you and best regards,

  • pacman -

    Hello, hope you are doing great undamned. I dm you about two UD USB decoders last week. Hopefully you can respond there or over here to know if you still have availability, cost and shipping process. Thanks!

  • ArcSys101 -

    hi how much for the 3 undamed usb encoder and process too

  • RickyTTT -


    I want to buy 2x UD USB decoders, they are gone on arcade paradise for several months, and Im very desesperate I really need 2...

    Please let me know.

    Im from Spain, you can ship to me via USPS.

    Best REgards,


  • suprawhite -

    Hi Undamned, I would like to get 10 from you also. Let me know how the process and I'll pay you for the total. Thanks

  • TheBortot -

    Send to brazil? Any supergun is compatible?

  • TheBortot -

    Hello! Do u have the usb to db15 conector and extension cables to sell yet?