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  • jassin000 -

    Sorry guys I always forget to check this wall for posts, best way to get my attention is with a PM.

  • Minus03 -


    So I would take a taito stool is how to order a stool taito A website, a person, sending is with a follow-up?

    Thank you

  • ACH1LL3US -

    Hi Jassin! I wanted to buy some Vewlix from KC, would you be so kind to help out on this adventure? I live in CT so he will need to ship them :) Best regards,

  • kcarcadegame -


  • rewrite -

    I wanted to ask a few of questions about the Vewlix Diamond Blue but your inbox is full :(.

  • TheBortot -

    hi, do u have the measures of cps3 case? saw your cps3 once, but didnt find it again...

  • kcarcadegame -

    the Vewlix black diamond I have the other special order need prepay.

  • werejag -

    thank you

  • lemans123 -

    Does the capcom i/o require 5 volts if i am using has supergun

  • Stac2000 -

    Where can i look for a viewlix cab?

  • lemans123 -

    i have a question will the HAS super-gun work with the cap com i/o if i am using it for the taito type x2

  • MajorTom89 -

    Hey Jassin,

    Do you still happen to have a SCSI CD drive for a CPS3?

  • kcarcadegame -

    will send you the lock

    • jassin000 -

      No need KC buddy, I've got 5 brandnew ones coming from Taito... Save it for any other Vewlix cabs you may have coming in the future.
      The 1153 is the official lock for all Vewlix cabs from Taito.

      The real issue with this cab hasn't been the locks, it's the control panel surround...
      The factory spot welds on the top of the surround have all been broken.
      Causing it to flop independently from the locking mechanism in both directions (into the panel and away from the panel).
      Someone (I suspect the original arcade operator because they are retarded) tried to use JB weld to repair this...
      I could tell from the black compound I had to scrape off (it took hours to do this) from the two layers of metal.

      I properly repaired it by making shims, mounting them to the screw posts on the underside of the surround.
      Applying pressure from the back and holding the two pieces of stainless together.
      I must say you are lucky I'm the person who purchased this cab, most people wouldn't know how to fix this correctly (case in point the original repair with JB weld)...
      And would have DEMANDED a refund.

  • kcarcadegame -

    do not order the lock you diamond have it

    • jassin000 -

      Cab was missing the control panel lock completely, and as suspected the coin door lock had been changed (this is common practice for arcade operators).
      Basically I need two 1153 locks, and I ordered a complete set (5) so no harm whatsoever... I'd much rather be prepared! :)

  • Mr.Nintendo -

    I got you Jassin here is the dilemma I have I don't want to put an official panel on a non vrwlix cabinet feels like a waste. Also I think those weird measurements are what I need. Lastly I'm having a panel fabricated locally but it cost 175 with no art or anything its just stainless steel with holes they don't even have a press to put the screw terminals in. I don't know how I'm going to cover up the bolts on the other side so it holds the panel in. I feel like it would be easier if I just got a second cab and linked them lol.

  • Mr.Nintendo -

    Hey Jassin do you still have Tha 2player cp from shadaloo ill buy it ?

    • jassin000 -

      Sorry, I let this go for 75$ shipped about two or three months ago.

      It really was a horrible pannel man, I understand official are getting rare...
      But think good/hard about it before you order one.

  • friedpotatoz -

    Hey Jassin,

    Left: 40$ Paypal (gift) shipping included*

    This still available? I'll take it if it is, send me your paypal info.

    John Villalobos