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  • Sunder -

    Hello Caius, my name is Sunder. Do you still have Konami 054986A Audio Module repros for sale?
    I'd need to replace 5 of them I think.
    Thank you.
    On the other hand do you offer the service to take the original modules from me and transfer the ASICs from my modules to the repros?

    • caius -

      Hi, yes.I have the Konami '05498A' repro available for sale.I also offer the installation service but right now I have few time to accept new job.What are exactly your boards?

    • Sunder -

      They are

      Metamorphic Force,
      Mystic Warriors
      Violent Storm,

      Honestly I can wait for when you have free time either way. Just feel free to let me know about the costs.

    • Sunder -

      I'll send you the modules instead of sending the entire board if that's okay.

    • caius -

      Just to point out the Asterix doesn't have any audio module.Anyway, I just checked now and I have only two '054986A' reproduction in stock hence I must order a new batch of boards from my manufacturer.It will take around 2-3 weeks to receive them.I wil get back to you as soon as I have news about.Thanks again for your interest.

    • Sunder -

      Thank you so much. Also I haven't checked the boards in a while so I assumed Asterix also had the module.
      I can wait for that, no problem.
      Feel free to email me as well when you do get those boards, sunder(at)gmail(dot)com

  • Hieroneus -

    Hi Caius, do you have a T.T-2 custom to sell?

  • gamescollector -

    Hi Caius, i need a services for conver a normal Kaneko nova game in Cyvern, u can help me ?

  • buddy111 -

    I need help with a tmnt don't play the theme music no more..people said you could help..caius

    • caius -

      Hi, it's hard for me to help you remotely.Are the sound FXs present but not the music?Check if one of the two blue 640KHz ceramic resonator has been not ripped off from board.

  • Mukuro_W -

    Ciao ho qui una cps1 q sound di Punisher che dopo 10 anni di inutilizzo sembra morta, Darksof mi ha detto che tu sei uno dei pochi in grado di fare qualcosa. Ho anche Muscle Bomber sempre cps1 q sound che non va più. Tu se l'ultima speranza per le mie amate bambine, fammi sapere e grazie comunque.

  • u72 -

    Hi, I need to purchase some Konami sound modules please :)
    2 x 054544 (for xmen and xexex)
    2 x 054986a
    female headers available?

    thank you

    Arcade Club UK

    • caius -

      do you need fully assembled units ready-to-use (including the ASIC)?
      Right now I have no stock of the '054986A' bare PCBs but I should receive a new batch in the next days.
      I have the machined female headers in stock.Price for a fully assembled module inlcuding female headers is 70 euro each one.


    • u72 -

      fully assembled for the 054544 would be good - we have many dead (bad sound) leathal enforcers pcb's but would like to minimize the risk to the ASIC for xmen/xexex
      I would be interesteed in xmen/xexex PCB's that have been upgraded also


    • caius -

      OK.The best would be if you could provide me the original modules so I can transplant the ASIC to my repros since I have limited stock of ASICs.
      Pardon, what did you mean for "upgraded"?Maybe with the Konami silkscreening?

    • u72 -

      I meant already prepared full game PCB's (I believe you were selling an xmen PCB)

    • caius -

      Ah, sorry.Yes, I'm selling an X-Men with my repro installed, probably you saw it on JAMMA + and UKVAC forums.Price for it is 250 euro.
      OK, so summing up, you need:

      - 2x 054544 assembled repro + female headers
      - 2x 054986A assembled repro + female header
      - X-Men PCB with 054544 installed.

      If you are OK, I'll start to assemble the modules, from what I understood you have no spare modules to send me in order to harverst the ASICs.