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  • u72 -

    Hi, I need to purchase some Konami sound modules please :)
    2 x 054544 (for xmen and xexex)
    2 x 054986a
    female headers available?

    thank you

    Arcade Club UK

    • caius -

      do you need fully assembled units ready-to-use (including the ASIC)?
      Right now I have no stock of the '054986A' bare PCBs but I should receive a new batch in the next days.
      I have the machined female headers in stock.Price for a fully assembled module inlcuding female headers is 70 euro each one.


    • u72 -

      fully assembled for the 054544 would be good - we have many dead (bad sound) leathal enforcers pcb's but would like to minimize the risk to the ASIC for xmen/xexex
      I would be interesteed in xmen/xexex PCB's that have been upgraded also


    • caius -

      OK.The best would be if you could provide me the original modules so I can transplant the ASIC to my repros since I have limited stock of ASICs.
      Pardon, what did you mean for "upgraded"?Maybe with the Konami silkscreening?

    • u72 -

      I meant already prepared full game PCB's (I believe you were selling an xmen PCB)

    • caius -

      Ah, sorry.Yes, I'm selling an X-Men with my repro installed, probably you saw it on JAMMA + and UKVAC forums.Price for it is 250 euro.
      OK, so summing up, you need:

      - 2x 054544 assembled repro + female headers
      - 2x 054986A assembled repro + female header
      - X-Men PCB with 054544 installed.

      If you are OK, I'll start to assemble the modules, from what I understood you have no spare modules to send me in order to harverst the ASICs.