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  • KRG -

    I bought ST - V multicart.
    I'd like to buy a game selector with LCD screen Kit.

    Can I still buy it?

    • stt1 -

      Hello, yes, but I have to solder it together and test first. And current order list (in E-mail) is quite long, so it will be several weeks before I have one for you.

    • KRG -

      Thank you for your reply.
      I will wait, can not you please?
      I live in Japan.

    • stt1 -


      No problem, I will send you message when I have a selector for you! ^^

      I am searching some MSX Konami software. Could you take a look locally for them, please? If that is possible, I will send you a list.

      I am searching myself so it is not needed to look on there.

      - Saku

    • KRG -


      It is Konami 's MSX software.
      It is good.
      I am looking for Akihabara close because I am doing work related to games.
      Can you give me a list?

    • stt1 -


      Great! The ones I am looking for are difficult to find. But I can pay well, if any of these will be available.

      King's Valley II Gold edition (metallic gold plated, not just painted)

      Link to picture:…pdate%202005/2005_101.jpg

      Konami Word Processor, EC-700 (complete package contains two cartridges, manual and a box).

      Link to example pictures:

      Any shop sample cartridge you can find, these were released as cartridge only, no box or manual.

      Link to example pictures:…2%2BMay.%2B15%2B17.55.jpg

      Takeru games, Konami releases. Several different Takeru releases exist.

      Link to example picture:

      Konami multiplayer cable (JE-700) - I have no picture at the moment, I will send pictures later for this one.

      There are more normal release games I try to find, but items listed now are most difficult to find.

      One more item which is not MSX related - I have been looking for this a really long time: