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  • bgspot -

    Hello! I was pointed in your direction by Derick2k. Did you have any Vewlix/Chewlix's for sale? Or was there a container/lot buy still available? Thanks

  • gamenwatch -

    Nevermind, I can't read. Haha. I see you got CrossXBeats Unlocked.

    • Cereth -

      Yeah, CAPCOM pushed out the update last month. If for whatever reason any locked cabinets get over here, we still have the ability to get them patched if need be

  • gamenwatch -

    "CROSSxBEATS x3 each: $2,250"

    You're able to get them to run without the network? If so, hmm...

  • tltrambo -

    Cereth are you still selling the 1st mix marquee?

  • kcarcadegame -