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  • SpiffyJUNIOR -

    Do you happen to have any astro city cabinets available at the moment?

    • Cereth -

      I have some coming in, but handling everything else is keeping me too busy to list any. I'm mainly planning on keeping most of them anyway

  • ninjaz0mbie -

    Hey, you were mentioned when I made a post inquiring about a Blast City cabinet. Do you happen to have any available at the moment? (ref: arcade-projects.com/forums/ind…candy-cab-minneapolis-mn/)

    • Cereth -

      Not right now, the only one I have has a 31k chassis from a NAOMI Universal and is a bit dim. Nobody really wants that lol

  • DoctorMeme -

    Hello. Very interested in buying Groove Coaster 3 or 4 if possible. Please let me know

    • Cereth -

      I have two right now, not in perfect shape though. One needs a monitor replacement/repair, the other does have some cracks on the plexi over the monitor, and has seen a fair amount of use. Both are currently Groove Coaster 4, there isn't a publicly available unlock server yet, and it does still have the load time issues that all official machines suffer. I'd be willing to part with one, but not quite ready. I'd like to work over them a bit more before moving with that! I have a 55" 4K TCL TV I was going to put in the bad monitor one, but never got around to it. It's a fair job to get the old one out and mount another.

    • DoctorMeme -

      Not a problem, thanks for the response. If you start selling them in the future hopefully you remember me :)
      Also would be interested in pop'n music and jubeat machines if possible. Sorry if this isn't the place to have an extended conversation. New to the forum, let me know if I should just pm you

    • Cereth -

      PM is good! I have extra jubeats at the moment, no Pop'n.

  • bgspot -

    Hello! I was pointed in your direction by Derick2k. Did you have any Vewlix/Chewlix's for sale? Or was there a container/lot buy still available? Thanks

  • gamenwatch -

    Nevermind, I can't read. Haha. I see you got CrossXBeats Unlocked.

    • Cereth -

      Yeah, CAPCOM pushed out the update last month. If for whatever reason any locked cabinets get over here, we still have the ability to get them patched if need be

  • gamenwatch -

    "CROSSxBEATS x3 each: $2,250"

    You're able to get them to run without the network? If so, hmm...

  • tltrambo -

    Cereth are you still selling the 1st mix marquee?

  • kcarcadegame -