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  • zkova179 -

    hi sir where can i found namco sys12pcb teken 3 need s12mot3a pld files and s12mot4a thanks for replay

    • stj -

      i'm not sure they have been dumped - check in mame

  • lukemorse1 -

    Is there any way you would be interested in creating a couple of Compact Flash cards with the Wargods roms on them?
    Id really like to get these boards going

    • stj -

      all you need is a cf>usb adapter and either Linux or an app for writing a datablock to a card - that you can get from the raspberry pi sites.

      first take the chd file and decompress it with chdman (chdman -h) gives you the commands.
      then transfer the uncompressed image to the card with the pi util or DD on linux.

    • lukemorse1 -

      Thanks for the mail.
      Unfortunately current pc is only an old Japanese laptop running win xp. I use it for writing eproms and flash roms but trying to use chdman it doesnt work due to missing forward and back slash buttons as well as the symbols being wrong. The machine is on its last legs here but I would pay for example if someone like yourself was able to make up a couple of CF cards and for your time as well if you are up for it