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  • superem -

    Hello Yavuzg! Firstly, i wanted to thank you for documenting your Sega Mega Tech repair and troubleshooting so well! It's hard to find good information on that PCB. I meant to ask you for advice/expertise : i am currently working on repairing a Mega Tech myself, and the problem is as follows : Nothing appears on the large bottom screen upon boot. Also, the game title on the top screen is affected by a "stutter" (for example, it reads "GREAT GOGREAT GO" instead of "GREAT GOLF"). When pressing the TEST button (or SERVICE button, I'll have to check), the bottom screen turns on and functions normally... Any clue as to which component might be the culprit ? My intention was to follow your steps and work by elimination, but as my knowledge in components is limited, I thought best to ask you and the community first, in case I missed something obvious... Thanks in advance!

  • moorebwb -

    Do u still make or sell sega stv cases that work with darksoft kit?

  • brocacochi -

    hello, do you sell jamma spare parts? I am looking for the U45 and U47 chip of umk3 operative or if you know who could have? regards

  • Adzy83 -

    Hi, I have a friend trying to repair my megatech pcb he has replaced the 315-5309 along with ruleing out z80’s and 68000 our donar mega genesis model 1 didn’t have the 315-5308 like yours does and I was wanting to know if u would be interested in selling it. If so please email me- adzy8383@gmail.com
    Thanks heaps