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  • sugar4salt -

    Sent pm for m72

  • haracker -

    Hello! PM please check

  • seunghoon ahn -

    I sent pm for irem multi to you. please check

  • tbot5k -

    [resent as PM]

  • mdtt77 -

    Hello! Can I still purchase sega system 16b multi?

  • gianka -

    Hi i am a new member. I have troubles to join the forum too.... I can't post or write any message. Thank you.

  • Gornark -

    Hello. I have troubles to join the forum. I can't activate the account to post. Thank you.

  • hukscore -

    Hello, I want to buy jvs io helper PCb.

  • simba2 -

    Hi, do you made some dreamcast to naomi adapter yet?

  • WestbrookEnt -

    Hey are the Konami sound chips available anywhere? Arcade Parts and Repair .com always shows sold out!

  • Kakashi24 -

    Hola quiero comprar una Naomi cf

  • varvar -

    ​I want to find a system 24 multi kit. How to do it?​

  • mahesak -

    I want you make M72 multi PCB for me. I want to play games R-type, Air duel, Multiply ... etc.

    Let me know how much I must pay.

  • Britz2007 -

    Hello, I´m need adaptor for Cflash for Naomi dim

  • pcfxFAN -

    Hi, I'd like (need) to buy a s-jihp asap

  • CaptainNoAction -

    I would like to get a Konami Sound Board 054544 and a set of headers please. Thanks

  • H215 -

    Hello. I don't mean to bug you but you seem the only one with an open wall. It's been a little over 48 hours and I still haven't been sent an confirmation to my email. When you get a chance, can you see what's going on. Thank you

  • Animaitor -

    Hello Jeremy! I created an account a few days ago (@hotmail) and never got a confirmation message from the forum (also checked on the junk folder) thus I can not post messages. When you have time, could you please check what's happening? Thanks!

  • adidas1984x -

    How can I email u and mail u my tekken dongle to have it converted to soul calibur 3 ?

  • VWI -

    Sorry to bother you here but I can't seem to figure out how to post to any of the forums let alone direct message you to see if I am doing something wrong. My first though is my account has not been activated or I missed a step in the activation processes. Thanks for any help you might have.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      New accounts are individually verified and the process can take up to 48 hours

    • VWI -

      No problem, I have just run into a few site that now have other things you have to do to get verified and was not sure if I had missed something. Thanks! I see now that all is good.

  • Telerien -

    Hello, I'm having an issue with a trade I started with ArcSys101 at the beginning of May. He's from the Philippines so it was understood that shipping wouldn't be untill mid may. However the 14th came and went and then his replies stopped. So here I am over a month out with nothing to show, I sent a final message on Tuesday saying he had till Thursday before I went to PayPal to get my money back. No reply again though his profile says he's been on

  • kazuyajin1080 -

    I figured it would be best to post here. I have quite a lot of original Atomiswave carts, and was wondering if there is a forum to be able to start a thread for it. I thought the atomiswave to naomi conversion would be appropriate, but I was also thinking of trying not to derail that section either. Just wondering what would be an appropriate thread for it?

    Thank you

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      What are you trying to do with your threads?

    • kazuyajin1080 -

      I wanted to take pictures of the PCBs as a reference for those who wanting to collect for it, and be able to use it as a means of reference for those wanting to get into atomiswave.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Atomiswave is by Sammy so I guess the only place it fits is in Other Hardware Support/General JAMMA

  • Mitsurugi-w -

    Dont post here if your new account hasnt been given permissions. Each account is investigated and approved individually and may take up to two days.

  • Lokomotivet -

    Not sure if this is the right place but I also have problems browsing or posting on this page, please help. Thank you.

  • smedamaoyaji -

    I wanna buy M72 muti kit
    Can I buy it?

  • Ericthegreat -

    Hey I can't seem to post anywhere?

  • Link3779 -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w. I am interested in getting the sound fixed on my Konami X-Men Board. Are you still selling the repro sound modules? How do I contact you about getting one fixed?

  • LauraB -

    Hello, I registered today but it is not possible to write a message. Thanks to help me.

  • xrodney -

    Ho, how do I Intriduce myself and start topics?

  • zipp -

    I just picked up a Tekken 5 cab!!! ....and nothing works lol. So I'm trying to research and probably will ask a bunch of questions.