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  • zipp -

    I just picked up a Tekken 5 cab!!! ....and nothing works lol. So I'm trying to research and probably will ask a bunch of questions.

  • SorryHuangNumbah -

    Greetings Mitsurugi-w, I posted this already on my own wall but I'm posting it here too in the hopes that you or someone else who can help me sees it. Over the weekend I created an account for this forum using my gamertag on Steam/Switch/etc (huangnumbah), and followed some other people I know from the Free Play Community in the Dallas area, but when I logged in tonight to post an introduction to the group, it said my account was banned. The only reason I can think of why it would be banned is bc I had my VPN active when I created my account, as the message says that my IP was marked as spam. I went ahead and created this account in the hopes that I could contact someone for help. With that in mind, is there any way you or someone else can help me restore my other account, since it uses my actual tag and is tied to my primary email address?

    Thank you,

  • freakaftr8 -

    Hello, I just bought a SEGA Lindbergh powered house of the dead 4 deluxe arcade. I want to know if you can supply the milti-kit pic, sd card and HDD so I can play multiple games on it? Also I'm assuming I would have to get.the controller pads for 2 players somewhere.

  • gmayer -

    Hello, I saw a old post on the KLOV message board that you have replace the bad sound chip on the konami x-men board. Was checking to see if you still offer this service? Thanks

  • moody -

    Good morning! I’m interested in purchasing a full maple bus board.

  • kidemtjoe -

    Hi, there
    I was wondering if you could do a X-men sound repair for me? I sent a PM also!!
    Thanks brother!

  • christo -

    Hello i am interested in the C2 multi kit

  • Robbie85 -

    hi ,i am an italian man . I saw the video where tekken 6 bloodline rebellion run on namco system 369. Can you teach me to unlock my ns 369?

  • djcubinlinx -

    Hello! I’m interested in the m72 kit. Can you give me information how to buy one. Thanks

  • Gewal -

    Interested in a complete maple kit if you have the parts otherwise a diy kit.

  • Maskman -


    How much M72 boards please ?
    Do you also know where to buy the multi kit ?


  • Mavinnom -

    So do you still make a regular dimm to cf ?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Yes but please send me a PM with any further questions to keep my wall less cluttered.

  • Mavinnom -

    ok so to be clear, the adaper i got from you wont let me play some games with a dreamcast controller. it will or it wont?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      It allows you to play some games with a DC controller but not ALL games. That is no secret.

  • Mavinnom -

    wow ok

  • Mavinnom -

    can you just build me one and send it, if it works, ill pay for it, if it dont work, i just mail it back. im really tired of messin with this.

  • Mavinnom -

    i even wired the wires directly to the maple and no response. is there dip for the maple?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      No. Maple is always on. Start a thread. I sell them but others use them much more than I do. They can help you.

  • Mavinnom -

    lol yes i have set my dips to jap bios. seen the options, tried capcome and sega vm kit and nothing. do i use capcom or sega vm so i no

  • Mavinnom -

    i guess the board i got from you was defective. controller works on dreamcast fine,but on naomi maple buss nothing.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      It's not defective. Have you tried using a Jspanese bios? The option for DC controllers only appears on Japanese version.

  • Mavinnom -

    my dreamcast controller isnt seen or not working, i turn on vm to sega. and nothing. dont no what to do

  • Mavinnom -


  • Mavinnom -

    ok so ot the maple kit all together, now how dlo i make the games see it or use a dc controller, is there a setting i have to do?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Games that support the controllers or VMU will have an option in the manager screens to turn them on.

  • JEScism -

    Hello, m looking to get my X-Men sound working again and people have directed me to you. Can you help? The original 054544 chip is still in there and I am pull that to send to you if needed.

    Thank you,

  • hotcuervo -

    Hello Mitsu, I'm interested in a cps1 multi. Do you know if Darksoft makes these or will he ever?

  • moorebwb -

    Hi ya there, finally managed to pickup a eswat 16b over in the uk for a reasonable price...was wondering when your sega 16b multikit is being released? Cheers and keep up the good work

  • Mavinnom -

    also a link to the atx 2 naomi

  • Mavinnom -

    where is a link to the diy or if you have a one already built id like that

  • Mavinnom -

    Mitsurugi, does your maple adapter for the naomi work with all games yet ? And how can i get one?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      It will only work with games that were designed to work with dreamcast controllers. So it will always only work with a limit library of games. I can sell you a DIY kit at any time.

  • Roz -

    Hey there! I just watched your video on youtube regarding Konami sound module reprods. Are you still servicing/repairing these boards? I have an X-men 4-player that hasn't had sound for years that I would love to get working again. The game plays 100% fine. I actually played it start to finish just before this post. Please let me know. Thank you!

  • Dylan -

    Hi Mitsurugi! Thanks for all your great work. Can I work with you on a repair for my CPS-2 multi with Giga Wing B board? I can send it in if needed. Photos are on the end of the CPS2 multi support thread. Thank you!

  • silent253 -

    Hi mitsu hey can do a system 256 dongle conversion of Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix 2? Do you have that game I just got a couple of system 256 dongles that I want coverted to other games.