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  • Ravepants -

    Hi Mitsurugi, any chance you could share a copy of the 1-1 wiring pinout you used when wiring the UD usb decoder to the s-jihp please? i've just got one and a 360 wired controller, and wanted to make sure i wire it correclty! thanks :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Do you have a copy of the Walsdawg pinout for the S-JIHP?

    • Ravepants -

      Hiya, yes I have the pinout, I have the 8 button UD, I was just curious to make sure I had the right pinout, im guessing its pretty much 1 - 1 but wasn't 100% on the home and a few other connections. :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Just match start to start, button 1 to button 1, etc.

  • Jaime -

    Mitsurugi-w. What is the best way to get in line for the irem multi I'm super interested serious buyer I have 4 cabs I'd love to put 1 in.

  • DXDeacon -

    Hi there, I had just messaged you on Twitter. Just registered for this site so not familiar with things. Was interested in a cable you make to convert a standard PC power supply to work on a Naomi system with NetDimm, net boot, etc.

  • hamlicom -

    Hi there Mitsurugi-w
    I want to buy a Naomi Maple Adapters
    How can I make an order plz
    Best regards

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I only have DIY kits. You have to harvest and solder the controller ports yourself. Send me a PM if you are interested.

  • BilonFullHDemon -

    Hi there Could you help me with geting a Soul Calibur 2 game for N S 246

  • moorebwb -

    Hi there Mitsurugi-w

    I have the Sega STV and the cps2 multikits and the neogeo and taito in the pipeline for me this year, just wonder what else is due out this year? would the sega system 16 ever be able to be done? also really interested in the cps1 as well



    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Apocalypse is making b.v the S16 multi. Not sure when it will be released. Possibly could be pushed back to 2020 due to personal reasons. M72 multi will begin sales in a few weeks.

      Cps1 multi should be out this year.

  • zetsurin -

    Hi there, just wondering if you are able to transfer a copy of Tekken 6: BR from HDD to a new SSD? Also, are you able to modify Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to work on a System 357?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Unfortunately, no to both. You would need to be able to spoof the hdd ID over to the SSD but I dont know if it's even possible right now. I also dont have a version of tt2 that works on 357.

    • zetsurin -

      Thanks for replying. I've been trying to work out the ingredients for the signature check with the dongle. Do you know if it is purely the serial number, or is it some sort of composite key built up from serial + model, etc?

  • Psykick -

    Hi Jeremy, can you check my pm to you? Thnx ;)

  • fruityloops -

    Hey just talked to you via twitter, I'd like to upgrade the firmware on 3 CPS2 multis purchased late 2015, early 2016

  • Hengman -

    Hi Mitsu! I would like a price quote for a cps3 cart standard SH-2 darksoft conversion. Thanks very much! :)

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Hey. We no longer do the Standard SH-2 conversions as the bios-only version works just as well now. Converting a cart costs $55 plus return shipping.


    Shot you a PM on some Naomi stuff!

  • chrisapple -

    I'll wait. Thank You.

  • chrisapple -

    Is this Sega System C2 Multi still available ? I like to buy 1 please.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Yes. I'm just waiting for more eproms to come in. I'll contact you when they do come in.

  • SuicidalSalmon -

    Hi, I read your review of the 3do usb loafer by mnemo and was wondering if you could help me out. I get to the 3do logo and then it takes me to a screen showing there’s no cd inserted. What kind of rom files will this thing take and do you have any idea where I can find some? He’s emailed me back but there’s a definite language barrier and I’d rather not piss him off. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • makaveli2000 -

    Hi Mitsurugi. I just purchased a complete CPS3 SF3 2nd Impact kit. I want to upgrade the board to a CPS3 SuperBIOS. Can you help with extra SIMMs and SuperBIOS cart? Thanks

  • megaMANX6 -

    I will like to get the neo geo memory card (Battery Less) How do i come about to do it

  • thawkins33 -

    I'd like to buy a module for Lethal Enforcers. I replaced the caps on the top of the hybrid module, but it didn't help. It either plays the sound very, very quietly or it blasts it out super loud and distorted. The LA4705 seems to be OK (it plays sound injected into it's input pins). I guess I'd like to send you my module and have you do the ASIC, if you would. How do I go about buying one? Thx!

  • maestro3h -

    Hi Mitsurugi-w.

    I'm from Spain and I'm a new owner CPS3 system with SF3 New Generation.. and i think that it's dead. What's the best way to turn on to live. What i need to do?


    • Mitsurugi-w -

      The only thing you can do is convert the cart to the SuperBIOS. That also means you would need to upgrade your simms to a full set to use the SuperBIOS cart.

  • Rugdoctor -

    Hey, was wondering whether I can get my cps3 cart revived? Thanks

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      It can be converted to SuperBIOS but. Ot revived to original. SuperBIOS requires a full set of SIMMs to play any game tho.

  • psykom1 -

    Yo, I see you make those JVS to ATX adapters.
    Do you have any available still?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      I make them to order. Please send me a PM with a link to the one you want since I have so many now.

  • liperyu -

    Hello Mitsurugi, I bought a CPS3 with Street Fighter III New Generation, and I already have a 64mb memory with me, do I need two more 128MB memories to be able to run Street Fighter 3rd Strike? When will the memories be available for sale? Thank you!

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      You will need two 64s and four 128s total. I have no idea when the next batch will be made. It will be in the next few months tho.

  • undertaker1912 -

    Hi there can you point me in right direction to purchase a Lindbergh multi kit please.

  • oscarhernandez1983 -

    Hey mitsu how are you? Sorry to bug you to death I'm pretty sure you are so busy I was just wondering if I could buy a cps2 simm card for my marvel vs capcom jamma board no rush. I would greatly appreciate it if you could sell me one programmed.

  • Stac2000 -

    Wondering if either the remote dip switch or sound kits are still available for the stv multi. The lcd kit is available but seems a bit more technically involved than i can handle. Thanks

  • Greenalink -

    Got a quick and simple question to ask.
    Street Fighter Alpha 2 PAL types are usually F or D (mostly D) according to your research a few years ago.
    Can that be changed to a G pal as long it meets the B board revision requirements for Darksoft multi-kit?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      Not if you are using the original roms. If you are going to burn all new roms then you could as long as you resized the sound and gfx rom data to fit on 27c322 eproms.

  • Antler693 -

    I am interested in your S-JHIP. What guns can you buy that are compatible?

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      You can buy Revolution X guns, Terminator 2, Operation Thunderbolt. Basically any gun that uses X/Y pots. Will not work with light guns. PM me if interested.

    • Mitsurugi-w -

      He's been trying to sell that for two months. No informed buyer would pay that but there is a sucker born every minute....

  • Gmon37 -

    Hi guys! I was told that Mitsurugi-w may have a cps3 Third strike cart for sale? I have the cab, the cps3 3 board and the drive. I even have the 3s disk already, just need a cart. Who can help??

  • silent21321 -

    Hey mitsurugi-w I heard from a friend you know where I can get a cps3 superbios cartige he said I need is a cps3 superbios and a standard sh2 I hope you can help me with that let me know I'll buy them from you he said he got it from u along time ago thank you

  • Mayor_of_Astro_City -

    Hi I just saw your YouTube video today:

    Are you still selling those compact flash readers? If so how much are they? They look great.