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  • don -

    Hi niko, can I have the latest torrent for the TypeX2 multi? Thx a lot!

  • markitus27 -

    Niko! is possible rotate the games in multitype x??

  • kcarcadegame -

    thanks! also the other show Error 900

  • kcarcadegame -

    DELL NVIDIA GEFORCE 7900 FP071 512MB PCI-E x16 Dual DVI Video Card (this one will work)

    • Niko -

      Probably not, the GTX/GTS cards draw too much power. Try to find a GS or GT model. If you want the 512MB variant, you can pick up a 7950GT.

  • Tyranix95 -

    In box full. Delete, Delete, Delete!

  • play again -

    send to brazil?

  • play again -



    Niko... If you came across another taito type X2 let me know.. I would like to get one and missed the one you were selling.. I would also like to place the system in an external case like what you did with yours.. that looks very cool:)