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  • YesAffinity -

    Hey Vooch,

    I saw your post on your DIY CPS2IO. Looks good! I've got all parts together to build one myself, except for the jamma edge connector. I ordered some of the standard jamma edge connectors with solder eyelets, but the eyelets don't work for the through holes on the CPS2IO pcb. Wondering what you did for the edge connector. If you could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    • vooch -

      I used a sullins connector like most ppl have pointed to around the various forums, but with the through hole mounting type. Link to exact part from digi-key below


      The through-hole pins are flat and not cylindrical just like all the other connectors I've seen, so what you already have might be fine. They were a tight fit to get into the CPS2 IO pcb though. The best way I found to get it in was start on one side and then work your way down the length of the connector guiding each pair of pins in.

    • YesAffinity -

      Hey, thank you very much! I had searched high and low and hadnt seen any reference to this solution. It is greatly appreciated!