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  • kanedajjj57 -

    Hello there. I saw your post on a thread about using the scsi2sd to emulate the Apple Pippin's CD drive. I've been trying to do the same, but I'm at a complete loss at to how to do it. If you could share your knowledge on this, I would really appreciate it.

  • phi -

    Hello, I'm a idolm@ster fan and bought a arcade recently, but needing instructions and data to fix and maintain it. Can I get or buy something valuable for maintaining the hardware/software? like how to backup the >10years old disk, are the parts interchangeable with parts from other machines that are cheap online. Thanks very very much!

  • wahlalla -

    Hello and sorry,
    Did I know that you are working on a universal dongle for the Namco System 246? How does your work proceed? ... Would I be interested?

  • kcarcadegame -

    buy one the one whit out monitor $500 you can get all the part you need

  • kcarcadegame -


  • Philbee90 -

    Hi, im looking for a Namco system 246, the first one. I need it for a Ridge Racer V machine. Can you help?

  • kcarcadegame -

    still need A Taiko 13?

    • defor -

      Nope- all good there - only thing i'm missing is a Taiko 12:More "太鼓の達人12 増量版"

  • Mr.Nintendo -

    Your in DC and you have some cabs for sale...I'm in MD and I'm very interested especially if you have candies or vewlix type ?